Unspoken Truths

What if I told you

I can see through the bullshit

The beat face

The dazzling smile

The perfectly placed hair…

Such magnificent attempts

To hide your pain.

You failed.

I see you.

I see that you cry when the night goes silent

I see you in fetal position, writhing with pain.

I see you.

Your defense is but a weakness.

A drop of water in the middle of the sea

You lead with an abrasive attitude

Using your tongue to slice those who dare try

To come close

To see the real you

To remove the mask

Sucking and fucking,

but you never pleased.

You said you would be different.

You not.





….these are the names to which you respond


….and you wonder why they treat you the way they do.

…why they fuck you and toss you away.

Don’t you know?

You become the labels you claim.

You say you do this

because you

“just wanna be loved.”


What you really mean is

You want to know how it feels

to love



-Trista Daniell

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