You say you want “peace” but…do you?

….everyone wants this thing called “peace” in their lives.

Peace is readily available to all who desire this; but to dwell in peace, the individual must begin to do the work to develop peace within.

Your internal dictates your external.

Peace must be cultivated in your life. You have to choose peace. Each day, each moment. You have to choose peace over attitude, ego, offense, anger, bitterness, pettiness, drama, or otherwise.

Peace is not dependent on your fiancial status, friendships, relationships, or otherwise. While it may seem impossible to maintain peace in the face of various life trials, with much training, meditation, and gnosis – it is a feat that can be mastered.

The problem with humanity is we love to TALK about the answer to our problems, but few of us move towards the difficult task of doing said work.

No…we would rather burden others with our chaos than burden ourselves with the task of working through our pain to cultivate the peace to help us overcome.

Your peace is YOUR responsibility. No one else’s. Stop waiting for folk to “give you” something you already have but are too lazy to access. Selah

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