Father’s Day…for the men who blessed me.

A constant father figure, I did not have. But I would like to acknowledge my first father figure (from adoption to age 5)- Preston James, he is the one who told my momma they should take me. He doted on me, I do remember that, took me everywhere (so much so that he took me with him to see a sidechick (DUMB AF) and I snitched to my momma 😂🤷🏾‍♀️( you ain’t playing my momma in dese streets bruh, papa or not! He still loved me tho 😂). Rest in Heaven, Daddy (he was the ONLY MAN I’ve ever called Daddy). I know – without a doubt – he proud as hell!

At age 14 (14 – 17) my momma married James West. We didn’t get to spend a ton of time together, but I do remember he was always supportive encouraging, and joyful. At least around me. I don’t recall ever hearing him angry, raising his voice, or being in a bad mood. Sometimes I’d sit and watch gunsmoke with him or them old cowboy shows…..lol. my momma used to laugh at us, but real talk them some good shows! I still watch them! Lol. A few years ago when I was in a rough place financially, he did what Fathers do and didn’t think twice about it and hasn’t said a WORD about it since. I appreciate you! Happy Father’s Day to you!! Love you!!

Most recently, a few years ago, I was introduced to the man I thought was my biological father Fredwin Williams and from the moment he set eyes on my photo he didn’t miss a beat! He called immediately, text constantly, checked in, and when we were in need he didn’t hesitate. He has blessed me on birthdays (shayna told me!!) and looks at me as his own even though the DNA ahh said “YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER” 🙄😔. BUT THAT AINT CHANGE NOTHING! He still love me like his babygirl and I love him back!! Thank you for loving me and Happy Father’s Day Pappa Pope (that’s what I call him lol, F with me and find out why 😋😉).

There were other men in my life who positively influenced me and I’d like to acknowledge them below:

Rev A.D. Norton 💕💕💕💕💕
Paw Paw Taft & his son (for the LIFE of me I cannot remember his name, charge my memory not my heart. I keep wanting to call him Uncle Spud…I think that might’ve been a nickname for him) Spirit knows who he is.
Deacon Mercer
Rev Rodney Long
Leon “Eggie” Brooks (now Rev. Brooks)
Brother Richardson
Larry!!!! (may he rest) 💕💕
Mr. Griffin (may he rest)
Paw Paw Charles White (may he rest)
Uncle (Rev) Zach West (may he rest)
Uncle T.W. Swayzer
Paw Paw West (may he rest)
Pastor Titus (Sr. And Jr.)
– now that I look at it, I’ve had A LOT of pastors, preachers, teachers, and deacons in my life lol. It all makes sense. Lol.

I used to lament growing up without a father in my home – after the world told me I should be crying about it. I’ve since learned, while it may have been a great idea to have a father, it’s not like I didn’t have positive males role models throughout life to set the example of what a man should be. I am thankful for all of those examples and influences because they have greatly blessed my life. I pray God continues to bless each of these men!

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