Don’t JUST pray…SEEK HELP.

Dear ya’ll……if #God created all, wouldn’t that include therapists? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a praying woman but I also know God provided us with resources on earth to help us overcome and cope. For a long time I suffered mentally because I didn’t know how to cope and praying didn’t do anything to ease the #anxiety, pain, rage, #depression, mental torment, or excessive sex drive that comes with #BipolarDisorder.

Sure I prayed and such, but in that mental state the only things I prayed for myself were for material things. I wasn’t praying for my #mentalhealth …I didn’t even know I needed #prayer or how to start. I needed professional medical help to help me work through the emotional turmoil and face the demons that taunted me. Don’t get me wrong, I continued to pray …but I also found a therapist who could help me work through things I was unable to do myself.

While it is true God helps with all things, understand some of us (most of us) are not spiritually mature enough on our own to tackle the things that eat at our soul. We cope by saying “Fuck it” or cutting people off or using nasty attitudes as a defense to protect ourselves…..we are jealous, superficial, judgemental, egotistical, extremely selfish and we think it normal to behave this way. It’s not. It is a symptom of the anguish within.

Get help. And if you’re #AfricanAmerican please don’t let anyone tell you “WE don’t go tell our business to strangers, we pray”….maybe that’s the problem….others are going to take advantage of the help God already made available meanwhile we still praying and suffering. Why not pray AND seek help? Faith without works is dead ya’ll.

If you’re uncomfortable with the idea due to your faith, why not try a therapist who is connected to your faith…they do have them…especially in the #Christian community. I personally know a therapist who loves herself some #Jesus so if you are seeking one, let me know!

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