Fix your eyes for effective prayer!

Note: you cannot be effective in prayer if your focus is on your problem/suffering. Like Christ, you MUST fix your gaze/thoughts upon I AM!

Example: a person with debt prays for help with the debt but the mind and emotions are focused on the debt, instead of Gods unlimited provision, faithfulness, power….it is the same with all things.

Moving Mountains’ by John Eldridge pointed out that Jesus often “looked to the heavens” when he asked for miracles….he literally turned his head toward God and focused on I AM instead of the circumstances or his own feelings. (John 11: 38 -44 & Mark 6:41-44.

Later on, we see Peter able to walk on water as long as his gaze was fixed on Christ, the moment he looked away -he sank.

Keeping our eyes and on God must be a priority if you want pray earnestly as Christ and Elijah did.

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