What do I see?

All these fuckboys staring at me.

Sliding in my inbox

Bullshit on ten

Here he go with these dumb ass lines again.

Yea….I’m doing fine.

No…I don’t need new friends.

No thanks, I’m married.

Naw, we don’t “sometimes do men”!



All around

Thirsty as fuck

But no water to drown.

Flashing bands of dollars

Boasting material gains

Thinking I’m one of these

Instagram groupies

Lured by shiny thangs…

I’m not.



Get cho life

Don’t nobody wanna be

A fuckboy’s wife.

Always on some peasant shit

but claim he looking for a queen.

I guess I can’t be mad at that

even fuckboys have a dream….

-Trista Daniell

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