An Ode to Mothers

Dedicated to my very own, Nolan Robinson-West (love you momma!!)

Every year

Second Sunday of May

We celebrate a thing called

“Mother’s Day”

Upon which time

We give mediocre “thanks”

For a mother’s dedication

and sacrificial strength.

The burden of a mother

weighs heavy on her soul.

She is tasked with the duty

of making broken [wo]men whole.

She guides our conscious

…and calls out our sins

She covers us in prayers

….and instills knowledge within.

She raises daughters into women,

and sons into men.

Who become busy adults

Too preoccupied to check-in

But our mothers forgive us

It is what they do

because they know

though we falter,

our love remains true.

So we celebrate magnificence

With a mediocre day

Because we know

A mother’s love

No man can repay.

⁃ Trista Daniell (c) 2018

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