Poetry Challenge, Prompt: Ode to the heart #WTWrites

Winter Tangerine #TristaDaniell responding to #WTWrites Day 1 #Poetry Month Challenge. Prompt: Write an ode to your heart….here’s mine:

Dear Heart,

Your love is bitter sweet.
With each beat, you bring me life.
With each beat, closer to death.

Bump bump…
Bump bump…
it’s you, forever with me
pushing me forward
demanding I

Oh, how you taunt me
Thumping through the pains of life
Wailing about the wrongs not right
Reaming against the darkness that fights
to consume us…

The thing that goes bump in the night
It’s you.

Daring me to delve into my subconscious
and dwell in the darkness of my soul
that I might become whole
and heal the wounds that ache
each time you pulsate….
How dare you!

Judge me.

I’ve tried, but…
I cannot escape you.
Lest I become heartless.

And that,
I simply cannot do.

-Trista Daniell

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