Listen. The problem with most people is you’re projecting your problems onto others. Everything is everyone else’s fault, nothing is ever your own. Understand, if your life is the sum of everyone else’s mistakes, so is your future. To take control of your life you must face yourself and get honest about your bullshit. You know the stuff you’ve heard all your life but refuse to acknowledge …your bad attitude, your negativity & your woe is me outlook on life, your selfishness and oversized ego, your irresponsibility, the pain you cause others, your bitterness, jealousy, anger, procrastination, laziness…your 💩! You MUST come face to face with your demons if you ever desire to defeat them. There’s no way around this. NONE. I speak from experience.

Stop looking without for understanding and stop blaming others for the current state of your life. Stop talking about what such and such did TO you and start looking at what YOU can do to cultivate peace within. Stop blaming others & take responsibility for yourself/your actions/your future….you say you tired? Stop doing the same 💩 in life expecting different results. Healing takes place within, no one can heal you but yourself. Selah.

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