Discipline starts EARLY. #Parenting

People love to give children a pass on poor behaviors when they’re little….then wanna be all super hard on them when they become teenagers and wonder why they having such a hard time getting a child to listen…IT STARTS YOUNG! Stop spoiling the hell out of these kids, babying them (especially the boys! Ugh!),and giving them passes on terrible behaviors, attitudes, and words because they “little” and “cute”…

Those “cute little kids” grow up. THEN parents wanna run around talking about “I dont know what happened…I don’t know why my child behaves like this…” THEN parents wanna be big mad and make a big deal out of behaviors (that are now habits) their teen refuses to change. THEN parents wanna accelerate the discipline and wonder why they kid bucking the system. If you allowed it for years without seriously addressing the issue- it aint ya kid’s fault.

Many kids (these days) are SUPER FRIGGIN SPOILED (my own son included, we are currently working on his EXTREME sense of entitlement). As parents, we often go out of our way to give material things – often trying to make up for what we didn’t have growing up (or if we did, trying to recreate those experiences for our kids) meanwhile, we forget to instill the things that last….the things that will remain with them long after all the material stuff – and you – are no longer here.

While we stress ourselves trying to give our kids a bunch of material crap, let us not forget to teach them the things that matter most: respect for self and others, gratitude, positive attitudes, LOVE for all, coping skills, life skills, critical thinking skills, selfLESSness, overcoming offense, conflict resolution skills, work ethic, dealing with peer pressure, overcoming insecurity, self love outside of Ego, and the likes.

I used to complain that I didn’t get a lot of the material stuff growing up, but now I understand (and appreciate) the important lessons/life skills my mom provided which proved to be much more valuable throughout my life.

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