Bipolar Musings….10.20.17

Having bipolar disorder is like sharing a body with your worst hater.

One minute it’s telling you you can rule the world and you’re friggin amazeballs….. the next it’s taunting you…Ohhhh…you really thought you could do that huh? Girl, ain’t nobody checkin for your words like that….

*sideeyes hating personality in mirror*

Totally my own worst critic…totally. Eh, what’r you gonna do? keep writing. keep creating. eventually, I’ll write the thing(s) that pleases my inner critic….😒 if that’s even possible with my perfectionist nature.

#WritersWoes #DontMindMe #JustReleasin #ImStillAWriter #BipolarMusings #TheWritersStruggle #WritersLife #TristaDaniell

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