….some of y’all wear y’all insecurities like skin….the sad thing is you cover it up with assholism and pettiness thinking you’re fooling everyone into believing you’re happy – you’re not.

Happy people don’t go out of their way to downplay someone else. Happy people don’t get upset when others celebrate themselves and/or their accomplishments. Happy people don’t spend the majority of their day trying to prove someone isn’t as “happy” or “successful” as their social media makes it seem. Happy people don’t hate and disguise it as “being real”. Happy people don’t make a habit of engaging in foolish “she said, she said” drama. Happy people don’t 💩 on other folks kids and/or relationships because they are happily advancing through life….and your a** is stagnant.

You know what happy people do….mind their business…because they’re too intelligent to waste their time worrying about someone else’s joy. Instead, they are wise enough to use that time to create their own.

How about try that.

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