Beauty Standards #Poetry by #TristaDaniell

Never quite beautiful enough.
There’s always another flaw.
We dissect ourselves.

It’s not enough to be.
We must become excessive.
We must find “perfection” where it cannot dwell–


Nip. Cut. Tuck. Suck.
Fill. Plump. Fluff.
Yesterday: I hope this doesn’t make my butt look big.
Today: …does my butt look big enough?

Addicted to fads. claiming originality.
Confidence? Gone.
Exchanged for bundles, lashes and toxic asses
Distorted and on display.

We celebrate
and perpetuate
unrealistic standards of beauty
and expect our little girls to believe they are beautiful.

What do we say when our daughters ask –
“If I’m supposed to be beautiful as I am,
Mommy, why aren’t you?”

— Trista Daniell

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