My Country, Tis of Thee [Side B]

When I was a little girl I learned the American classic, “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee'” and I was taught (in the predominantly white schools) to sing it with “pride”. I always thought it didn’t seem right…so…today, i fixed it to better reflect my reality as a #BlackAmerican #woman

My country*, ’tis of thee,

[*rather, land of my kidnappers/enslavers]

sweet land of liberty*

[*does not apply to non-White individuals]

of thee I sing*;

[*they sing, we mostly lament all the injustice and ongoing brutality against our community…]

land where my fathers died*….

[*often brutally, often still in chains, often under oppression, often without justice…]

land of the pilgrims’ pride*

[*for mercilessly murdering our NATIVE Americans brothers and sisters with disease, and robbing them of their lands]

From ev’ry mountainside* [*translation – wealthiest mountainsides]

Let freedom* ring!

[*Note: Freedom not applicable to the following groups regardless of citizenship or birthright: African,Asian, Hispanic, Middle-Eastern, etc. Also does not apply to any movement that might counter the advancement of anyone other than the Caucasian Americans “Christians”.- immigrants need not apply.]

There, it’s fixed. This is my #American reality.


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