Do Your Child A Favor….

I see how some children (especially boys) grow up and are unable to take responsibility for their lives. It has everything to do with influences you allow and the way you train your child to respond to this world. Check the influences around your child and ask, is this who I want him/her to become? Children learn so much by observation, understand they are observing you and those you bring around. They observe the men/women you attract, the way they act, the way they talk, the way they carry themselves, the type of treatment you accept…and they emulate that. 

Do your child a favor, teach him/her to think for themselves, to take responsibility for their actions, to practice positive conflict resolution skills, how to deal with life’s pressures, to think critically, to survive in this hostile world, and to present themselves professionally so they qualify for greater opportunities. Teach them the importance of knowledge/education, and help them understand the foolishness of the “thug life” and “hood reppin” mentality- because it gets you nowhere. 

Expose them to things outside the normal experience. Introduce them to stuff people claim is “nerdy” early on. Introduce them to skills that guarantee them a career (i.e. coding, programming, real estate, carpentry, etc.) and not just a job. Help our boys realize they are more than athletes and rappers! Help our girls understand they are more than Instagram models and future baby mommas! 

Encourage children to achieve the impossible and go further than you ever dreamed. Tell them they CAN become the next leader of the free world, they CAN be Federal Judges, Architects, Lawyers, Community Leaders, Revolutionaries!!! Always remind them their choices are limitless, but their actions determine their options.

Encourage them to explore the world, and experience other cultures, ideas, ways of life (if they can’t afford to travel, introduce them to books, local culture festivals, etc.). Don’t tell them to just “get a job”, teach them to own the business and CREATE jobs for others. Teach them their worth – not in material things – but as a human being. Teach them the worth of other human beings, the importance of humility, and the power of [sincerely] loving others. 

Give your child a chance, teach them about the greatness within that comes from the Great I AM. 

No child should proudly proclaim, “my family been in the projects for five generations, and when I grow up me and my kids gone be here too.” (I’ve actually witnessed this). Each generation should do better than the last. It’s your job to instill tools in your child that propel them to the next level. 

Remember, children grow up to become the people who influenced them. Give your child an opportunity to be greater than you. Give them the opportunity to achieve more than you have. We must stop stifling our children, especially our sons! Our girls are magic, but don’t forget our boys are brilliant…..It’s up to us to bring it out of them. 

#BlackBoyBrilliance #BlackGirlMagic 

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