God doesn’t give us peace, to throw it in the face of others. 

Martin Luther King Jr. understood God is/was still sovereign and in control of all…yet that did not stop him from feeling outrage, pain, sadness and horror at the atrocities we faced. It also did not stop him from marching/fighting. Please stop dogging people for feeling upset/ doing whatever they need to be okay with this. 

If your peace comes from praying and bible reading and moving on with life – great! But please stop with the perpetual shade and rhetoric about how you know God is still sovereign so you don’t see the need for people to do all that. 

People of God who see people hurting are called to help them, not become all haughty in their hearts and share about how THEY have peace because THEY know who God is. That’s not humility, that’s ego. 

If you are at peace, have compassion for those who do not. People aren’t freaking out over “nothing” people have genuine reasons to be concerned – and those who are called to LOVE should practice love and compassion when it’s needed most.

 Today, people need love.

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