The Un-Informed Voter

I think everyone should have to take a test course (or something of the sort) in order to register to vote each period. There should be something that requires us to review/gain detailed knowledge of each candidate, their issues, and the issues we are voting on, to show we understand enough to make an INFORMED decision when voting.

People don’t know the issues. We’re getting news from TV & social media, sources that too often report biased pieces of the truth – if any at all. There are so many versions of the same news, it’s hard to sort out the truth. 

Hell, I’ve worked political realms, on candidate campaigns, and still didn’t know all the issues.

We (most) vote without understanding what, or whom, we’re voting for. We’re told what’s important, baited with things that don’t matter, and allowing the real issues to fall by the wayside. 

I think it odd we have to test and show gain knowledge to get out of school, qualify for certain jobs, receive permission to drive, etc.;meanwhile, deciding who runs the country requires little more than filling out a piece of paper at age eighteen, and not committing a felony offense. I think we all need to understand things before voting on something so important. 

Can you imagine how difficult it’d be for these politicians to do what they’ve done all these years if we were actually informed as a people? 

A girl can dream, right. 

-Trista Daniell 

4 thoughts on “The Un-Informed Voter

    1. Yes, I figured someone would bring that up. Of course, humans will always find a way to cheat the system. But, I do hate that many people vote and don’t even know what they’re voting for.

      I think it should just be a simple course (at minimum) that people take to show they’ve been informed. Maybe it’s not a test out of the course, but at least it should be a requirement that we take some kind of course each voting period to get a ticket that proves we are informed.

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