Eddie Long: Learn To Be Silent When We See God At Work. 

Soooo…..now everybody praying for Eddie Long? A few weeks ago y’all was dragging this man through the streets by his nipples….#ChristianValues …boy I tell ya. We should’ve been praying when he was on earth instead of dragging and speculating. #EverybodyLoveYouWhenYouDie #EverybodyASaintWhenTheyDie
We need to learn to keep our mouths off people when we see God at work. We know what happened. God came in and dealt with it. No need to say anything more.
I’m not advocating for Eddie Long, anyone who knows me knows how I felt about his actions against young men in his church (not a fan, never was). I just think it funny that Christian folk can drag him while he’s living (while simultaneously attempting to explain away his actions against young men), and pray his peace (and make him a saint) when he dies. 
In the story of David and Bathsheba, David fasted and prayed the entire time his child was sick…once the baby died, he got up and washed his face, worshipped YHVH, and ate a meal…he said there was no point in mourning that which was done. (2nd Samuel 12: 13-23). We do it backwards. We dog people on earth and love them when they’re dead. Insanity. Church folk – DO BETTER. #ItsBroken #FixItYHVH

5 thoughts on “Eddie Long: Learn To Be Silent When We See God At Work. 

  1. Amen! We need to stop the foolishness that we do. None of us are perfect, we need to love even when we don’t understand. Instead of gossiping about a person pray for them. One day we will give an answer to God for what we do and do not do.

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  2. Amen! I don’t like when people pass away especially in the condition that he was in. I can pray for his soul but not him. I can’t stand what he did to those kids in the church so I can say RIP Eddie Long. I can say may God have mercy on his soul. You’re right Christians definitely pick and choose when they wanna claim you as one of “them.”

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