#Christian Values…the #church that LOVES to HATE.

So…Let me get this straight (pun intended) 

I’m supposed to believe 

African Americans 

who condemn/shun/hate LGBT people 

based on their “Christian values” 

do so out of LOVE


White American racists 

who condemn/shun/hate people

based on their “Christian values” 

do so from a place of Hate? 

Christian Values. 

🤔 seems like the gays ain’t the only ones picking and choosing what they want to follow at will. 

Did YHVH say LOVE AND BE JUST towards ONLY those who you agree with, or did YHVH simply say LOVE AND BE JUST? 

Y’all been threatening gay folk with hellfire and damnation since the beginning of time and it ain’t stopped. Maybe YHVH put us here to challenge your love walks, and push you to LOVE unconditionally, as we are called. 

Christians LOVE to hate….almost makes you wonder how a place that claims a God of love can be filled with so much hate. 

I don’t need anyone to tell me what’s light. Light knows light. What K.B. did is not light. She has no idea who she hurt with her careless words. Life and death are in the power of the tongue. She stepped in God’s place and advocated for death, in the name of God. 

What if someone committed suicide after hearing her foolishness? 

What if someone were struggling with their sexuality, they hear this and it sends them over the edge? 

What if someone was on the path to God, heard this, and it sent them running away? 

I’ve been there. Most of the heterosexual people chiming in on this have NO IDEA what our community goes through. They don’t care to know. Because instead of seeing humans who deserve love and compassion, they only see SEXUAL DEVIANTS.

An entire community of people are so consumed with what people do in bed, that they can’t minister or deal with them in genuine love. The church has effectively erased our identities, and painted us all as monsters who lurk in the darkness to steal their holy children. A campaign of fear is NOT a tool of God.

Besides, how can you effectively minister to people if you ALREADY believe we’re unworthy, abominations, who can’t come to God? You can’t! As a man thinks so he believes.

You don’t have to like us, you don’t have to love us…but what you WON’T do is act like y’all own God. No one has the right to spew condemnation and darkness in the name of the Lord…damaging souls in the process. 

What are y’all going to say when God asks, but did you love them? I’ll answer for who I am….I’m a person of LOVE. Can you say the same? 


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