I Understand Hannibal Lecter…Rude People Piss Me Off!

Inspired by Actual Events on 1.2.17 -Begin Rant-
Was there some rule created in 2016 that said you get a tax break for treating people like a-holes and/or being overly sarcastic, rude, harsh, critical or otherwise? Because people are losing their minds with the way they TALK to others! I honestly understand how Hannibal Lecter felt, rude people put me in a bad mind and mood too!

If I can curve my tongue with people in spite of my Bipolar Disorder and introvert nature, then I have ZERO patience for people who act like they can’t. My TODDLER knows how to be polite, but adults can’t? It’s the first damn thing we learn!

Then, rude people act like others should just be okay with their nastiness! NO! That’s INSANE! If you wouldn’t be okay with someone talking to you the way you talk to them – same tone, sarcasm, etc. – then DON’T DO IT TO OTHERS. PERIOD. It’s ludicrous. I don’t understand wth is WRONG with people these days that they think this type of behavior is acceptable!

It really annoys me because as a black woman, I’m CONSTANTLY told I have to keep my attitude and tone in check because “other people” take it a certain way if I elevate my voice even slightly. I’m constantly on guard when communicating outside my peers because any mention of my discomfort, any push back, any mention of someone else’s interaction (and/or communication style) is considered complaining, being too sensitive, or you’re told to “figure out ways to deal with it”.

When I do stand up for myself I’m labeled “difficult”/ “the angry black woman”/
“the girl with the “attitude”. What do I expect? This IS America, and I AM a black woman from a low-income background, who didn’t go to college, and doesn’t have connections; I guess I should just be grateful for whatever I get, shut up, and deal with it, huh? (Sounds like something my mom would tell me).

Nope. That’s NOT okay for my life. It’s not okay with my soul.

I refuse to think it acceptable for others to speak to me any kind of way. Sometimes my refusal to just accept any kind of treatment cost me opportunities; but, if I have to be treated like crap to get an opportunity, it’s probably not the opportunity for me. If it’s for me, I won’t have to suffer through it.

Remember the golden rule: Treat others as you want to be treated. If you treat others like crap, expect to get it back. If you’re rude/nasty with people, don’t get pissy with them when they’re the same way with you! If you don’t like it – change the way you interact with others. It’s very simple.

It’s NOT hard to be a nice, polite, cordial person. It doesn’t cost anything.

If you continue to treat people horribly, people will associate that with who you are. Period. If you want to create loyalty, treat people like human beings who are just as valuable as you. Anything less is ALL ego. – End Rant-.

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