Unexpected Proposition pt. II

Read Part I Here.

I expected us to lock eyes once I arrived at the hotel. Instead, I was directed upstairs by the concierge. When I arrived at the room a young woman in all white, with a long black ponytail, greeted me at the door.

“Welcome, Ms. Roberts. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I’m your personal concierge for the day, I’m here to ensure you don’t lift a finger.” She grabbed my bags and ushered me into the deluxe suite.

I noticed the smell of eucalyptus as soon as I crossed the threshold. Gardenias and Orchids bloomed throughout the room and candles provided a low-relaxing light. I  also noticed two bedrooms, a living suite, a full kitchen with separate dining area, and wrap around balcony.

I didn’t even realize hotel rooms came in this size.

“Do you approve ma’am? If this doesn’t work, we can change the set-up, or move to another suite with a different view…or maybe more space…”

“No, no…of course not. This is great.” Who would turn something like this down?

“Excellent,” her voice was annoying; the kind of peppy that made you wonder what she was hiding underneath it all.  “Follow me, please”

She led me into the master suite where I was instructed to change into a terry cloth robe, and settle into the manicure chair while she ran my bath.

“…ummm, when can I expect Sid?” I’d expected to find her waiting in the master suite, half dressed, ready to pounce; yet, she hadn’t appeared.

“I’m sorry, she won’t be joining us.”

“Excuse me?”


“What do you mean she’s not joining? Why did she invite me?”

“I’m sorry ma’am, I just follow orders, she hired me to assist you until further notice and asked me to arrange this.”

I started to balk, but it’s not like people were lining up personal spas for me every day. I decided to stick around and see how this played out  – and I’m glad I did. I sipped champagne while soaking in a milk and honey bath; after which I was treated to a  manicure and pedicure with a one-hour hand and foot massage . By the time I laid down for the two-hour shiatsu massage with aromatherapy, I was ready for a nap.

 “Ma’am. I’m very sorry to wake you,” I looked up to find my concierge giving me a creepy Disney smile. “Please get dressed and head to the dining room once you’re ready.”

I yawned, stretched and sat on up on the massage table looking around the room.

You were supposed to come over here, give her a piece of your mind and go home. What the hell are you still doing here? My conscious kicked in and I quickly pushed it away.

Sidney provided a new silk robe, pair of slippers, and some very expensive undergarments – which were a little snug for my taste, but still comfortable. I took my time dressing, responded to a few messages from nosy friends wondering where I was, and gave myself a once over in the mirror before heading to the dining room.

I expected to see Sid anxiously waiting; instead, I was met by a shapely woman with large breasts that tested the endurance of the buttons on her blouse.

“Since you’ve kept me waiting,” she began without an introduction, “I’ll try to keep this short.” I noticed the lipstick on her teeth and thought about telling her, but decided against it since she wanted to be a smart ass.

“I’m Shalenda Fulton, Sidney’s attorney. I orchestrate all of her relationships.” She pushed what looked like contracts in front of my face.

“Excuse me?” I was caught off-guard.

Ms. Fulton continued, “…if you’d like to keep this going, you’re going to need to sign a few forms – nothing unusual, just your standard confidentiality agreement…along with a few other forms, to protect you both.”

“What kind of other forms? And why do I need to sign a confidentiality agreement?”

“Sidney has a reputation within the progressive lesbian community. She’s built a brand on her family image and can’t have women spilling secrets about her non-sexual love affairs. People will never understand.”

“Affairs – as in plural?” I twisted my neck and shot her a concerned look. I wasn’t interested in being anyone’s flavor of the minute.

“Calm down, sweetheart. You’re still special. I don’t mean it that way…” Shalenda gave me an unconvincing smile and continued, “…here are the contracts for you to review. This one is an agreement that goes over her expectations for the duration of the relationship. You’ll want to make sure this is agreeable to you.”

I looked over the form that went over her requirements, there were six primary rules:

  1. Don’t discuss our relationship with anyone.
  2. Do not discuss your other relationships around me or with me.
  3. Always tell me the truth.
  4. Never make me wait.
  5. Let me take care of everything.
  6. When I request your time, I expect your undivided attention.

“Should you agree to these terms,” she continued, “Sidney is prepared to provide you with a $5,000 monthly expense account to be used as you wish, a personal driver and car service for all related travel, and she will cover the rent and utilities at your main home.”

I looked down at the paper, lots of legal jargon, a few numbers. This wasn’t romantic at all; she was treating me like a business deal.

“What the hell is this? A Fifty Shades of Grey setup?” I purposely failed to disguise my annoyance, “I’m not interested in being anyone’s entertainment, or sexual slave.”

“Page two of the contract explicitly states there will be no sexual contact between parties.” She retorted quickly, without emotion.

I flipped through the papers, skimming the words. This was a huge decision.

On one hand, I was trying to get my event planning business off the ground and I knew I could use the additional cash flow this relationship would provide. On the other hand, this was a married woman asking me to get involved in some freaky fantasy affair that sounded way too good to be true. What if she made a bunch of promises she couldn’t keep? What if we ended up having sex? What if one of us fell in love?

“I’d really love to talk to Sidney before I sign anything.”

“I’m sorry, that’s not possible.”

“And why not?”

“If you’d like any further communication with Sidney, you’ll need to sign the contract. If you have questions, please address them with me. If you do not want to sign the contract, we have nothing further to discuss. Now, how would you like to proceed?”

“I am not interested in proceeding if I will be rushed.” I was bluffing. I wanted to sign the contracts for nothing other than the financial promises – I just didn’t want to seem too eager.

I pushed the contracts away and folded my arms with a frown. She returned the frown.

“Fine. Thanks for your time. I’ll let Sidney know.” She snatched the contracts away before I could say anything else and began to gather her things.

“Ok…Ok…wait!” it slipped out of my mouth before I knew what I was saying, “I’ll sign! But, only if you confirm I can update the terms if I need to later.”

“With Sidney’s permission, of course you update anything.”

“Fine,” give it to me. I grabbed the first pen I saw and held out my hand for the paperwork.

“Perfect.” She smiled as if she’d just talked her enemy into signing a surrender.

She returned to table and laid out the forms – a non-disclosure agreement, a non-compete agreement, an expectation agreement, a financial agreement, morality clause, and a resolution agreement that went over terms for separation in the event things went bad.

“Geesh, this feels like a marriage.” I joked as I signed the forms. I knew nothing about this was right; but, having someone spoil me in exchange for my attention, and nothing more, was too good an offer to pass up. Especially if no one else had to know about it anyway.

“Thanks for your time.” She flashed her first genuine smile, lipstick still on her teeth. “Please wait here, Felicia will be back momentarily.”

I sat silently, thinking about what I’d just done…wondering if I could change my mind. I looked up in time to see Felicia approaching that Disney smile still painted on her face.

“I’m so glad that’s out the way. I’ll be working with you for the duration of this relationship. If you ever need anything, I’m at your service.”

“Great. Now when will I see Sidney?”

“Turn around”

Startled, I turned to find Sidney sitting on the living room sofa. I hadn’t seen her slip in.

“I thought you’d never sign” She said as she stood up.

Damn, she was fine. Her suit was tailored to perfection against her sporty frame. Her fragrance, inviting, and her dark brown eyes – piercing.

“You can go now, Felicia. We will call you when we need you.” Felicia nodded and quickly exited the suite.

Awkward silence filled the room.

Suddenly, Sidney grabbed me and pressed her lips against my own. Her kiss was passionate and urgent…it was the kind of kiss you could tell she’d been holding for a very long time.

My mind wanted to resist. I hadn’t agreed to kissing, but I couldn’t – rather wouldn’t – stop her. I mean, technically, kissing isn’t sex… right?

I wrapped my arms around her neck and nibbled her bottom lip before teasing it with my tongue. Sounds of pleasure escaped her throat and she trailed her finger tips up the back of my neck. I let out a low moan and shivered as she hit a sensitive area.

Sidney grinned mischievously before grabbing my hand to lead me into the master suite, “Let’s take a bath together,” she locked eyes with me and pulled me close again as we stood at the foot of the bathroom door. “You can say no if this makes you uncomfortable”

I brushed past Sid and dropped my robe to the floor giving her a seductive look, “Yes, let’s.”

My flesh was made up. I had no resistance left, I wanted this and I was going to have it – even if everything in me knew this wouldn’t be anything less than a disaster.

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