DEAR Kelly: to the white woman who read a story about a black man murdering another black man and asked, “where’s black lives matter, now?” 

Dear Kelly (and all those you represent), 

Stop using incidents that are clearly wrong to justify silencing #BlackLivesMatter. #BlackLivesMatter is a movement to stop police brutality, harassment, and the unjust treatment of African Americans by the police (and the government that allows/upholds such treatment). These are individuals who swore an oath to serve and protect; of course we are outraged when they murder civilians out of fear and/or prejudice…they’re supposed to be the ones keeping EVERYONE safe! 

You see a black man murdered and the only thing you have to say is, “well there are many  more white men shot by cops” ….your point

Like, seriously…what’s your point?

Just because you choose not to rail against injustice doesn’t mean we have to shut up and accept it. Some women get raped and report it immediately, others do not…shall all women stop reporting rape because others do not? 

That’s ludicrous. 

Your statement lets us know you don’t deal with my kind (Black people) regularly.If  you did, you wouldn’t make sweeping judgements about an entire community based on the actions of those who do wrong. You speak as if all other races are peaceful and it’s solely us ‘colored folk’ causing ALL the hate, violence and destruction in this world. 

Only ignorance would lead someone to believe actions of ONE represents ALL. 

Maybe if I give y’all the Kanye stare you all will listen, since Kanye #TeamTrump now.

Black, White, Hispanic, Asian – whatever the race – all include people who make poor choices. Evil comes in all shades. 

I genuinely don’t get how some White people have the nerve to call Blacks (and other non-whites) violent thugs, terrorist, rapist, and thieves while simultaneously overlooking the ongoing violence, degradation,suffering, and injustice inflicted on generations of non-white people at the hands of white men! 

How quickly we forget the history of black bodies dangling from trees, while white faces gathered around the bodies and flashed bright smiles for the camera. Way to commemorate the hate. #Shame #AmeriKKKanHateStory 

I’m just gone sit this right here….


In the name of “white freedom” ✊🏻 an entire nation (and generations) of humans were trafficked so white men and women could live free. Your people kidnapped, human trafficked, raped, murdered, and terrorized an ENTIRE race of people simply for the sake of financial gain. Now if that’s not #ThugLife I don’t know what is..

We didn’t choose the thug life….oh, wait…we did.


Hell, if black people are judged as a whole based on the violence of the few (because MOST black people are NOT committing crimes, contrary to what you may believe) shall I judge the entire white community based on their violence and destruction? No? We need to let that go? I bet. 🙄😐

Excuse me while I ignore your lies.

No worries. I’m SURE you didn’t mean it “that way“. Of course you aren’t a racist, never mind your passive aggressive, hate-filled statement that exposes your lack of concern for #AllLives #Hate. I bet you smile at Black people in public and act “real nice like” towards them too…

The reality is #AllLivesMatter people don’t give a damn about ALL lives, they just want to make sure BLACK lives know “their place”… BUT here’s a secret: I know my place…and one of those places IS to stand up and scream MY BLACK LIFE MATTERS because I AM quite aware that you #AllLivesMatter people – WON’T. 



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