The artist’s sacrifice…[EXPOSED]

I stand naked before you.

I expose every part of myself.

Even the parts I don’t like.


vulnerable and Bold.

raw and Refined.

questioning and Understanding.

I open myself.

Risk my heart.

And write words with the blood of my life.

Words that you don’t understand.

Words that you don’t value.

They have meaning for a moment.

Then they float away.

Until I expose myself some more…

Until there is nothing left.

What will you do when you have had all of me?

But you can’t….?!

You can’t have all of me…!?

You won’t have all of me….!?

I know my words are life!!!

But to you….

they’re just words.

My nakedness. Your Entertainment.



I am an addict. I cannot stop.

I will not stop.

…………………… I am


naked before you.

You may have your way with my words.

But you will never have me…!

Because, no matter how exposed I am.

You. Still. Want. More!!!

What must one do to make her words matter?

What must I do to make it enough?

Shall I cut out my heart that you may read the words for yourself?

Shall I cut out my brain that you may understand my mind?


Give me….the knife.


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