25 (+1) things to #Quit for #2017 (today’s a great day to start!)

1. Quit running from your problems. They’ll only follow you.
2. Quit blaming other people for everything. It’s not always everyone else. Many times, it really is YOU.
3. Quit defending yourself when you’re clearly wrong. Quit it, just quit!
4. Quit using people. Or, don’t complain when you’re used back.
5. Quit playing the victim and trying to make everyone feel sorry for you. Nobody likes a damsel who’s ALWAYS in distress.
6. Quit using your past as an excuse for your behaviors in the present.
7. Quit playing with God, using the excuse “He knows my heart”. Do you know His?
8. Quit thinking the world revolves around you and your problems. It doesn’t.
9. Quit lying to others and most importantly – YOURSELF.
10. Quit thinking you’re smarter than everyone else.  You’re not.
11. Quit thinking people just have to put up with your BS – they don’t.
12. Quit doing bad things to people. Or, when people do them back – shut up and accept it, you brought it on yourself.
13. Quit thinking you’re perfect (you’re not) and everyone else has the problems (they don’t).
14. Quit going around talking about everyone in your life – especially if you’re going to smile in their faces. 
15. Quit complaining about stuff in your life you’re not willing to change.
16. Quit jumping in and out of bed with dogs/alley cats then wondering why/how you got fleas. You invited them.
17. Quit being so damn desperate. It’s completely unattractive.
18. Quit telling telling the world what so and so did to you when you continue to allow it in your life. Address the individual, deal with the issue. 
19. Quit gossiping about everyone and everything, then saying you don’t care. Clearly, if you’re gossiping about it – you care on some level. Quit.
20. Quit being an “expert” on everyone else’s life. Do YOU.
21. Quit being a self-proclaimed “bitch” or “asshole” thinking it’s cute/cool. It’s not.
22.  Quit bragging when you do something to hurt/hinder someone. That’s nothing to brag about. It lets people know how much character you lack.
23. Quit being jealous of other people’s skills, talents, looks, success, etc. invest that time into achieving your own.
24. Stop making it your life’s mission to sabotage other people’s reputation, success,happiness..or whatever. That’s called being a hater and it doesn’t stop the person you’re hating on. Instead, get on they level.
25. Quit thinking this applies to someone you know. If you think that, it probably applies to YOU.
-Trista Daniell 

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