Enlightenment: The War

She seduces my thoughts

and I ignore her in reality.

For darkness cannot be in the midst of light

So where I dwell, she can never be.

And where she dwells, I can never go.

We are forever forbidden, yet


At odds with the light and darkness of my soul.
She entices me…
She knows my thoughts
How can I destroy that which is part of “I”?

“Oh….but you must” 

….whispers from the soul.

The pain of enlightenment is TOTAL but temporary;

while the pain of stagnation is ever constant and excruciatingly true.

Healing in the darkness is impossible…

How can I heal the wounds when I cannot see? 

In obscurity we battle, in anger she wages war

……and with each step I take towards the light

She writhes in agony, vowing the subjugation of my soul….

that SHE, and all her carnality, may replace “I

She is ready to live for her cause…..but fails to realize

I AM ready to die for mine;

So I crucify myself that my mind may transcend the

carnality and limitations 

of men

so SHE dies within.


Now… begin.


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