How dare you question religion? Easily….this is why….

Putting yourself around people who believe differently than you, brings questions you might not ask if you surrounded yourself with only those who believe as you do. Questioning religion does not mean you question God or your devotion to Him, it simply means you want to find the truth apart from what MAN TELLS YOU to believe. Many equate religion with God and often, one has nothing to do with the other. 

Remember when Jesus came He didn’t come and approve the religious order of the day…He came and showed them a new way “THE WAY” (followers of Christ initially were followers of “the way” not Christians as they were called later). 

I don’t want to follow baptist, protestant, catholic, presbyterian, pentecostal or whatever you call your religious order…I want to follow The Way (and no I don’t and won’t do everything perfect but I seek Him and His Truth and He will honor that).  Selah.

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