Why do we talk about how other people dress – style wise? For instance, when we see someone wearing something that doesn’t fit our style why are we (humans) so hell bent on shaming, talking about and laughing at them? This is what we’re really saying when we talk about people’s attire: “Oh so and so has on such and such today and I would NEVER wear that, so let’s make fun of them so I can feel superior.” Really? That’s lame.

If it’s not your style and you’re not the one wearing it…unless their outfit is inappropriate (i.e. not fully clothed, offensive slogan, etc.) WHY does it matter? I’m not singling people out – I am guilty of this as well –  but over the past year, God has really been dealing with me on things like this and I am recognizing just how much time we as humans waste degrading one another over things that don’t matter anyway. When we were young, we were taught if you have nothing nice to say, just don’t say anything….I think adults need a refresher in this. WEAK people put others down…STRONG people lift others up!

…the next time someone comes at you talking about someone flip the script by complimenting the person they are degrading…and then encourage your friend to do the same. LIFE…is NOT a competition. We’re all in this together. Selah.

I’ve never seen a Lion laughing at a Zebra because of its stripes….yet humans are the superior ones…..think on that.

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