Tales from the Closet: Adulterous Obsession

“Before you do this…can you at least do me one favor?” Christina’s knees dug into the ground as Lisa pushed her head and screamed again.

“I wish I would do you a damn favor….”

“You’re making this all about me and I wasn’t the only one involved in this.”


“Lisa, wait.” Kim spoke. “give me a minute with her.”

“Hell no.”

“You’ve pistol whipped and dragged me through the grass. You also have a gun to my head…the last thing we’re about to do is fu—”

“SHUT UP, Tina!” Kim spat and pushedChristina’s head down. “Listen, Lisa…baby…I got this.”

“You got this?” Lisa chuckled, “Yea, you got us into this…because you can’t keep your shit in your pants!”

“No…no…at least have her do it. If I’m going to die because of her, she has to be the one to do it.”

Christina stunned herself with that statement. Why the hell had she said that?

“….if we’re ever caught for this, the less you were involved, the better. If anyone has to kill her, it’ll be me. She wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for me….”
Kim’s words trailed off as Christina thought about that statement.

She was right. Christina was a teacher, happily single and dating. She recently started investing in rental properties which gave her financial freedom to do the things she always wanted to do. She’d started to travel, she was hanging out with old friends, and for the first time in life she felt like things were going according to her plan.

The only thing she lacked was romance, but it wasn’t for lack of suitors. Instead, there was a serious lack of interest toward the suitors, on her part. That was until she saw Kim. 

She was out with a co-worker having drinks after work when Kim walked in with her cousin. Her co-worker, a straight woman, was desperate for a reason to talk to Kim’s cousin, so she nagged Tina into striking up a conversation. After some convincing, she got up and headed over to their table.  Kim greeted her upon arrival.

“I was wondering when you were going to find an excuse to come talk to me. What is it…you think you know me from high school or something?”
She flashed a dazzling smile.

“Wha—what? No…I….I ….” Christina burst out laughing. That was exactly what she was going to say. Now what? 

“Yea….I caught you. But I’m sorry, I’m not interested. I’m flattered though…really.”

“Excuse me?” Tina’s laughter turned to offense…. 

“First of all, I was coming over here to ask HIM if HE went to school with me.”

“Whatever. You know this man ain’t go to school with you.” 

She screwed up her face and laughed. “You good though, go head.”  She waved Tina away.

Stunned, Tina turned to walk back to her table. She wanted to say something clever but the only thing she could come up with was, “I wasn’t trying to talk to you anyway.”

She sauntered back to her coworker and slumped in the chair.

“Don’t ask me to do that again. That girl just called me out like I was trying to holler at her.” She fumed while staring in Kim’s direction. Kim was already staring, she smiled when their eyes met, Christina rolled her eyes and looked away.

Oh great. Now she’s staring at me.”

“Who? That butch woman?”

“Stud…Krista….S-T-U-D. We don’t call them “butches”, some people find that offensive by the way”, Christina rolled her eyes. 

“Oh, sorry. Right. I didn’t mean it that way.”

“Of course you didn’t.” Christina smirked and her eyes landed on Kim again, who was still staring. She wasn’t the most attractive woman Christina had ever laid eyes on. In fact, she had several suitors who were much more appealing in terms of looks, but there was something about her…

“A drink for the lady. From the ma’am over there”, a pretty blonde waitress put another mojito in front of her and pointed towards Kim’s table. Kim got up and started walking towards them, Christina frowned.

“May I have this dance?” Kim extended her hand and flashed her seductive smile. Christina’s resolves melted. 

“I thought you weren’t interested.” She spat back, trying not to seem too anxious.

“I’m not. But I shouldn’t have been rude. Let me make it up to you by offering you this dance.”

“I’m good. I’m not in the habit of charity dances…but thanks.” 

“Bet…I’m not here to beg.”

“Then don’t”

“Alright. I’m gone then.”



Kim stared for a moment, then disappeared. Five minutes later, she was walking towards Christina singing the karaoke version of Jerimiah’s single,“Oui”. It was the most romantic thing anyone had ever done for her. She didn’t want to admit it, but she was immediately smitten. 

Christina let her guard down and they spent three hours talking at the bar before Christina invited her back to her place. Kim’s phone kept vibrating, someone was trying to reach her but she didn’t want to be reached. Tina assumed there was a wife, girlfriend or something of the sort, but that wasn’t her problem. It wasn’t like she wanted Kim. She just wanted the sex.

They barely made it in the house before they started making out. The passion was intense. Kim’s lack of interest turned into seduction. She was smooth…her lips were comforting…her skin, inviting. With each kiss, Christina went willingly into the abyss, but she knew she couldn’t indulge.


The one thing Christina did not do was one night stands. STD rates were too high and her body was too important to share with anyone. No matter how “hot” she may be.

 “I can’t do this. I just met you. I don’t even know you.”

Kim smiled and jumped up off the couch.

“I hoped you’d say that” she grabbed Tina, kissing her deeply, passionately. “If they’re easy, I don’t want them. We can talk. I want to know all about you. Tell me everything. I love mental seduction.”

So did Christina.

Kim made Christina feel at home in her own home. She turned off her phone. She invested her undivided attention. She was genuinely interested in everything Christina had to say, and Christina was equally interested in her. When the sun came up, they were both enthralled.

What Christina suspected, but failed to confirm, was Kim’s availability.

Kim had a fiancé, Lisa, at home. They’d been together several years off and on because Kim was often unfaithful. It wasn’t that she didn’t love Lisa, she just didn’t understand why it’s acceptable to love as many people as we want, except in romance. 

She loved all the women she’d wooed over the years. They each offered something special. Something unique. Lisa knew and accepted this, so she stayed. They had an open relationship, as long as Kim remember who was home at the end of it all. She could love whomever, as long as Lisa remained her priority.

Except, this time she forgot.

Kim and Christina became close quickly. Lisa worked the graveyard shift M-F and bar tended every Saturday night at one of the local gay bars. The only night Kim had to be at home was Sunday, which was the one day Lisa was off. This left a lot of time for Kim to entertain other women; and within a few weeks, all of that time was invested in Christina.

Kim lied when she said she wasn’t interested. She was immediately interested in Tina. Tina was beautiful…and sexy. She wasn’t the finest girl she’d ever met, but she was certainly the most appealing. In fact, some might say her fiance was more attractive, but to Kim, they were neck and neck. What she loved the most about Christina was her intellect and independence. Tina was stimulating, exciting…brilliant…things Lisa wasn’t. 

They were four months in and still hadn’t had sex. They just hung out, played video games, ate, watched movies, made out (A LOT), and talked about everything. Sometimes Kim came over while Tina was out with friends. She said she just liked being around Tina’s energy, even if she weren’t there. 

After six months, Tina gave Kim a key. Things were past intense.

Lisa started asking questions, but Kim played it off, lying about the amount of time she spent with Tina. In reality, Tina wasn’t just a time filler nor a booty call. They hadn’t even had sex, but Kim craved and cared for her intensely. She began dreading Sundays because it was the one day she had to spend without her. 

On one particular Sunday, Lisa caught her texting Christina and a fight ensued when Kim refused to give Lisa her phone. She accused Kim of being obsessed with Tina and demanded she end it. Kim became so upset, she stormed out of the house and headed right where she wanted to be. Straight to Tina’s house.

She rang Tina’s phone to let her know she was on the way. She said she didn’t want to talk about why, she just needed to see her. Ecstatic, for a Sunday visit, Tina told her to let herself in, and quickly showered and slipped into something more appealing. She’d sensed the frustration in Kim’s voice so she headed to the kitchen to make her a hard drink and decided to roll up a little of the devil’s lettuce to help calm her nerves. 

She put the gumbo she’d cooked earlier on the stove to warm and lit a few candles to set the mood. Kim arrived shortly afterwards and greeted her with a lengthy hug.

“I just needed to see you,” Kim grabbed Tina and held her tight. Tina held her back.

Once inside, Kim soaked in a bath and Tina treated her to a massage. They smoked, sipped, and laughed at ‘Martin’ reruns while Kim devoured several bowls of gumbo. 

They were enjoying a great evening until Kim’s phone started blowing up excessively. Lisa wanted to know where she was. She accused her of being in too deep with Tina. Kim told her she was sick of her jealousy, she wanted to be free. With that, the conversation ended abruptly, and Kim turned off her phone.

Trying to lighten the mood, Christina put on Pharrell’s “Happy” and convinced Kim to dance.Kim relaxed again and, together, they danced around the room like uncoordinated maniacs. They met at the couch and fell into a pile of laughter, lefs intertwined. They were still laughing when the song switched to Bryson Tiller’s sexy trap-soul single, “Don’t”.

And that’s when it happened.

It was so swift no one knows who kissed who first, they can only confirm neither pulled back. They fell into each other’s arms and began to express unspoken feelings, physically. 

“I don’t want to do anything that’s going to make this a problem for us….for me.” Christina hesitated.

“No…. No baby…. you’re never the problem. You…YOU…are ALWAYS the solution.” Kim reassured her.

Kim wanted every part of Tina, and Tina gave it. They intertwined like tangled curls and became lost in one another. In the moment, Kim completely forgot about Lisa and all of her promises. With every taste, she fell into obsession.

That fall led Christina to the wrong end of a loaded gun.

Lisa hesitated, and Tina heard Kim promise to “make it quick” and not “change her mind”. Apparently, Lisa didn’t want Tina to suffer since “she’s right, she didn’t do this shit alone” adding a surprising statement that she “wished she were strong enough” to kill Kim instead, “for all the shit you’ve put me through”.

Christina could absolutely sympathize with Lisa, as crazy as it sounds. Lisa was the one who’d stood by Kim though it all. She’d given years of dedication to Kim, and not even a year after meeting her, it was Tina who had Kim’s heart. That’s enough to drive any woman to insanity. Still, she didn’t understand why Lisa stayed to put up with Kim’s ways. Lisa was a gorgeous woman, Christina could admit she had that glamorous look that made Tina feel like a little girl in comparison.

“Alright, look” 
Kim’s whisper snapped her out of her daydreaming,

“LOOK? KIM! What are you doing? Baby…it’s me…it’s me….” Christina whispered back. Lisa was gone, she didn’t care where, now was her only chance to appeal to Kim.

“Shut up!” Kim looked over her shoulder. “I gotta do this. I owe it to Lisa.”

“And what do you owe me?” 

She’d refused to break in front of Lisa, she wasn’t going to beg with her around but with her gone, Christina began to cry.  She thought about her cousin, Vera, who would be by her house tomorrow for pedicures. She wished she’d taken that phone call from a good friend earlier in the day, she thought about the laundry in the dryer and how she wanted to apologize to her mother for stealing $20 when she was a child. She wondered how long it’d take them to realize she was gone… and if they’d ever find her. 

“I’m sorry, Tina. I love you. I do. I’m just… I wasn’t supposed to fall in love with you. This shit never happens to me. I promised Lisa, she’s been loyal, and I gotta be loyal too.”

“You promised me. I was loyal to you too, Kim. Just let me go…I’ll leave. I won’t come back. I won’t bother you again.”

She stepped back.

“At least do me this favor then. If you love me Kim, you’ll do me this favor.” Tina said frantically.

“What is it Tina?” She lowered the gun.

“Please make sure they find my body. Please. Don’t have my momma out there searching and wondering. Just call it in, take me somewhere I can be found, just please don’t leave them hanging like that. I did this…”

“WE did…”

“WE did this…okay? But I’m the only one paying for it. And I don’t want them to suffer more than they already will, just please Kim. If you can’t love me enough to save me, then please promise me you’ll do this.”

Kim said nothing, raised and cocked the gun.

“Didn’t I love you enough? Wasn’t I there for you too?” Christina sobbed into the ground. “How could you?” she began to hyperventilate.

“WHAT THE HELL IS TAKING SO LONG?” Lisa’s voice was coming towards them, she must have gotten restless and came back to do it herself.

“You said I was always the solution….” Christina looked up at Kim for any sign of compassion. Kim looked away.

“…and I meant that. You ARE the solution, Tina. But this, this has become a problem. I love you.”


Christina fell backwards, eyes wide…. the stars were so beautiful that night… 

She felt nothing. Death. 

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