You’re too lazy to follow your dreams.

I was going to write a blog about fear, but the more I tried, the more I felt the urge to write on one of the real reasons many people I’ve worked with simply fail to succeed at things – including myself.

We’re often afraid of the amount of work it takes to succeed.

WAIT! Before you click off and/or get all in your feelings, hear me out.

I announced my desire to be a professional writer over ten years ago, but only started seriously working towards this goal in the fall of 2015 (last year).  Like most people, I find time to engage in things that matter most in my life; so if I’m not prioritizing something, it’s probably because I’m not serious about it – regardless how passionately I try to convince everyone otherwise.

I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

Life does make it difficult to focus on your dreams. It’s hard to talk about sacrificing for some far-away goal when your entire life already feels like one big sacrifice. When you’re focused on survival, dreams end up on the back-burner. I know my own did for a while.

I settled for a well-paying job and tried to convince myself I was “happy” with my work. I wasn’t. I dreaded Mondays, longed for Fridays, and counted down the minutes until the next three-day weekend in between. One day, while working into the wee hours of the morning (again) for a client who made six times my hourly rate (I wish I were exaggerating), it dawned on me:


I subconsciously reinforced the falsehood that neither I, or my ideas, were valuable investments; and if I didn’t believe in myself how could anyone else?

That’s a powerful negative message to overcome. No wonder I couldn’t move forward.

I decided I am worth the investment. If I wanted others to take my dreams serious, I had to be the first. So, I got serious.

I stopped making excuses that allowed me to stay in a miserably comfortable place and I got to work.  Within a year, I created this blog to showcase my work, worked as a copywriter, expanded my reach, networked with other bloggers, and invested in courses to develop/improve my writing.

I’m proud of the progress I’ve made since deciding I was worth the investment. I have a good way to go, but at least I’m in the race! It’s better than standing on sidelines talking about those brave enough to actually run. 

Before you go, here are some affirmations I used to help me ‘get out of my own way’ and begin investing in my own dreams:

  • I am confident in my success
  • I am successful
  • My dreams are important
  • My dreams are worth investing my time
  • My dreams are worth investing my energy
  • My dreams are worth investing my money
  • I have all that I need to succeed
  • The Universe will provide all that I need to succeed
  • I am well equipped to achieve my dreams
  • I have time to invest in my dreams
  • I enjoy working on my dreams
  • I have the courage to go after my dreams
  • I deserve to go after my dreams
  • I am a (insert dream here)
  • Create your own (focus on positive things, don’t focus on negative things you don’t want to do. For instance, if you want to overcome fear, say you have courage instead of saying you don’t have fear. This perpetuates the idea of courage in your mind and lessens the idea of fear).

Until you treat your dreams like priorities, they’ll remain unattainable fantasies.  If you treat your dreams like options, so will everyone else.

You and your dreams are worth it. Treat them accordingly while you still have time.

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