Hating in the name of God: When Black Christians Try To Oppress the Black Gay Community. 

It makes my blood boil when self righteous Black Christians suddenly become bible experts when it comes to homosexuality, yet they STILL don’t even understand the REAL reason Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed (hint: it had nothing to do with their sexuality 😱 surprised?! I was too when I found out NUMEROUS religious leaders lied to me too. Maybe they misread? Ha! Read it for yourself if you don’t believe me).

Yes, I know – you’re saying what about the law?  🤔 Well, I’m a tad confused here. On one hand we say we are not under law – so we break a million rules from the law, without so much as an eyebrow raised from devout believers. 

 We wear blended fabrics, women aren’t locked away and considered unclean during menstruation, black folk eat more pork than a lil bit, and last I checked there weren’t any “sistas” marrying their dead husband’s brothers so they could produce children to carry on the deceased brother’s name.

We don’t honor the festivals prescribed in the law. In fact, we follow pagan holidays disguised as Christian and know NOTHING about the prescribed festivals we should follow. Technically, Christians should follow the same festivals and Sabbath as our Jewish brothers and sisters, but we don’t. And apparently, by Christian standards, this is OK. EXCEPT, in the case of homosexuals. 

Y’all don’t even understand half the scriptures you spew. Y’all quote Romans to talk about lesbians, when it’s not even what the verse discusses. If you truly study the verse, you’ll realize it’s discussing a different sex act altogether and it has NOTHING to do with lesbian women. 

But that’s another topic for another day. 

Since we hold so fast to the law , want to know what else the law enforces? Slavery! Yet, I don’t see Black Christians advocating the white man’s “right” to conquer and OWN us as slaves – even though the Bible actually approves that. I don’t see y’all saying God ushered us into slavery as punishment for serving “pagan gods” in Africa, like the Bible tells us the Jews were sent into captivity by God as punishment for their rebellion/paganism. 

Yet, y’all say WE pick and choose scriptures we want to follow. We can’t even agree on which books belong in the cannon but, we want to tell people what the Bible said. How do we know? We don’t even have the whole story! 

The reality is this:

God is everywhere. In everyone. In everything. Yes, Gay people too. 

None are better and none are worse. We are all fools who think we know so much about God and God’s Will when we actually know very little (at best); and the little we do know is (unfortunately) tainted by hearts of men. 

Everything we know about God is speculation, assumption – faith. Any man can create something and say “God said” or “this is of God”, but who knows the heart and mind of man except the man and God? For all we know – we ALL have it wrong, and everyone is on the way to a fiery end – save the grace of God (YHVH, JAH, ELOHIM, THE SOURCE, GREAT SPIRIT, DIVINE ENERGY, MOST HIGH – we have different names but God is the same regardless of our perception, or names we prescribe).

To know God, is to LOVE – all people. It’s not about looking down on the next man and going out of your way to condemn. Let your walk and love be your light. Persuasion and pressure are not tools of God, Spirit doesn’t need those tolls of manipulation to change a heart – SOURCE ONLY NEEDS AN OPEN HEART, A WILLING SPIRIT, AND A GRAIN OF FAITH. 

I use to think all my bible reading and rule following set me apart. I assumed it made me “better than” other “Christians” and I’d somehow get more from God if I followed the rules. But, I was MISERABLE (and often envious) of the freedoms others had to enjoy life, while I sat around worried about the next sin I’d commit, how to prevent it, and wondering if it all mattered anyway because- according to you folk – I’m going to hell anyway. 

I just cannot accept the Christian way of hating anything you don’t understand, or anything that’s different. I can’t prescribe to the idea that it’s ok to sit as judge and jury on other people’s lives. I can’t imagine an impartial God condemning a man solely on the basis of his sexuality if he’s gay, while heterosexuals are judged by the entirety of their lives. 

 That’s unjust;and, per the same bible you use to condemn us, God cannot be partial to any man -heterosexuals included. 

Seriously, regardless what you feel about gay people, it’s not your place (or right) to condemn us. You don’t condemn all the rampant fornication going on in the heterosexual realm – especially in the church! But let me try to shame a woman with children out of wedlock, and see how far I get with Black Christians (not that I want to condemn any woman, this is just an example since the Christian doctrine calls for abstaining until marriage).

Y’all pick and choose who gets the grace because it’s NOT about God, or saving your fellow man, it’s about feeding your self righteous ego. Read Luke 18: 9-14 and see how Christ spoke of those who become overly self-righteous based on what they do or don’t do, compared to someone who recognizes no matter what they do (based on Christian doctrine) they’re still sinners with NO ROOM to judge anyone. 

If only we all learned to be like the tax collector…sadly, we’re a bunch of Pharisees. 

Understand, one discriminatory thoughtless comment based on your religious view can be the difference between a gay person committing suicide, or seeking to know the God who loves and created him or her the way they are. 

Gay bashing under the guise of leading someone to God is bullying. 

It makes you NO different than slave owners who used the SAME bible to terrorize an entire subset of God’s creation.

I don’t know where we got the ludicrous idea that God would create billions of people throughout time, and we’d all believe and love the same. What if God created us with such differences TO TEACH us how to love as God does, in spite of all the differences? 

GOD IS STATIC – regardless of religion. Regardless of man. 

…and just like you get blessed, I get blessed.

…your prayers are answered, mine are too. 

…you receive new grace and mercy each day, so do I. 

…you say God loves you, God loves me too! 

And guess what, no amount of personal prejudice is going to stop me from receiving and living in that Love.  

When you get to your “heaven” God isn’t going to ask you who I slept with, or about my sexuality. You won’t be judged based on my actions. 

However, you will be judged in accordance with your judgement of others and how you loved them….So I ask you, are you loving your neighbor as you love yourself ? What about your Homosexual neighbor? 🤔 

I’m pretty sure there’s no exception on which neighbors this applies too, but I do know how some of you christians love to pick and choose.

– Trista Daniell

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