I don’t need to be “important” #CareerBlog

I used to want to be “important”…”known”….the “boss”…someone people jumped through hoops for because I was someone “special”. Key phrase: “used to”.
These past few months, I’ve taken a serious look at my life and the lives of those I thought I wanted to become. I’ve worked with numerous “high-profile” people who are hellbent on changing the world/helping the “little people”. I admire this.
Unfortunately, these same individuals are often so busy they don’t have time to help the “little people” directly connected to them – people whose lives they can change right now. This is where I take issue.
I want to help women struggling in the moment, right when it can make the most difference in their lives.
I don’t want to be so busy with business that I can’t stop to help the very people I’ve set out to help.
I still remember what it was like when I was homeless and those who could’ve made a difference were too consumed with themselves and “changing the world” to stop and help. Always asking me to fill out this paperwork, get on this waiting list, come back later…all the while, I was still sinking into a deeper hole.
I realize I may not make as much money doing this. I may not be “known” on a massive scale or live a “fabulous” life where I hang in fancy places with fancy people doing fancy things – but I realize (now) I wouldn’t be happy in that environment anyway.
I’d rather be a happy (little) fish making a big difference in a small pond, than an unhappy (big) fish in an ocean where I’m barely making waves (because I’m too busy trying to “keep up” and please others).
I don’t need to be important anymore and I don’t need to be known. I don’t need my name to invoke “awe” or make people jump through hoops because I’m “important”. Those qualities aren’t who I am, and they’re not someone I want to be.
I want to be someone who makes an immediate difference in the lives of those I’ve set out to help …regardless of my “importance” or notoriety. 
– Trista Daniell

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