They. Don’t. Care. About. Black. Lives!

I read the comments on this and got pissed. Look at all these folk justifying murder. They. Don’t. Care. About. Black. Lives. So as usual…I had to respond…like it matters …like it’ll change anything….but it made me feel better so here goes…

It’s not that you don’t see what’s happening here, the reality is – you don’t care. You don’t want to care. Because to see and acknowledge means you actually have to deal with the uncomfortableness that comes with facing the atrocities committed by your ancestors against my ancestors- and by God, you might just have to lift a finger to help fix it.

It’s easier to act as if oppression doesn’t exist when you are part of the oppressor’s team. The fact that a black men, women, and even children are killed (almost daily) in disproportionate numbers and you still look for reasons to make it OK only validates our fight.

It’s not the outwardly racist who are the most dangerous, it’s those who practice passive aggressive racism…it’s the old “I’m not a racist but….” and I scream #alllivesmatter ONLY in response to #blacklivesmatter….and I look for reasons to make the murder of a father SITTING IN HIS TRUCK, MINDING HIS BUSINESS (let’s remember this) WHO WAS NOT EVEN A SUSPECT! He was A FATHER just waiting for his son to get off the bus. 

How does this happen? They claim he had a gun, but if he were sitting in his car as they say – how did you see a gun in a holster on his foot in a vehicle?!?! They claimed he was smoking a clip of weed. When did the penalty for smoking weed become immediate execution? 

Many assume the wife’s comment, “Don’t do it,” was referencing him pointing a gun at the officers. How? She clearly yells he is NOT armed, he has a TBI (traumatic brain injury), and needs to (or he is) taking his medication. I guess those same people missed those comments?

Let’s say there was a gun. Since when did having a gun become a crime punishable by immediate death? And who made officers judge, jury and executioner? 

And what about when there are no guns? 

Terrence Krutcher had his hands in the air. Still shot.

Philando Castile complied, even told the officer about his licensed gun and was still shot to death when he went for his wallet to get his identification as the officer asked!

Tamir Rice, who never had a chance after being shot by an officer because he was playing with a toy gun in a park. 

Oscar Grant in NYC was HANDCUFFED and shot in the back…he hadn’t even done anything. 

Ironically, many who stand against #BlackLivesMatter, stood up for the rights of the militia men who threatened officers with guns over land.

 I guess guns are only super scary when they are in the hands of scary black people.

The  great thing about life is karma. It might delay, but it will return unto you sevenfold whether you believe it or not. That should make racist nervous.

Think about it. If we (people of color) have been oppressed all this time, what happens when karma returns unto you, ALL that you have done to us?

I don’t know how and I don’t know when, but I have a hard time believing the God of White American Christians wouldn’t set this right. At least based on who they teach him to be. 

And if you’re an worries, karma still applies.

Go ahead and say what you’re too politically correct to say –  black lives do NOT matter as much to you. Deep down you believe your white life, and those who protect your white life, are more important that minority lives – especially black ones. Please STOP telling US how to feel about our plight.

If you don’t have anything positive to contribute stay silent and stay out of it. Your silence speaks volumes. Your words only show the hate and lack of compassion that resides in your heart. 

Enough of my people have been murdered without consequence. No more. We don’t care how mad or uncomfortable it makes y’all – STAY uncomfortable. I’ve been so my entire life as a black woman in Amerikkka. Maybe you can get a SMALL understanding of how it feels to be one of us.

If blacks were the savages y’all say we were…after ALL you all have done to us – we would have burned this entire country down a long time ago. If YOU ALL are America, man I fear for our future. 😒🙄😑😩✊🏾

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