When people say silliness like, “#blacklivesmatter is making everything about race and causing division in America,” but fail to acknowledge the consistent oppression and use of violence against people of color (and people of lower income levels) that KEEPS us divided. What are you REALLY standing against?

Let’s be real: America was built on blood, death, savagery, and division. Just because you ignore the horrible history and re-write it to make it seem less barbaric doesn’t change reality. 🙄😒😐✊🏾

If criticism of America’s oppression of people of color and those of lower income levels means I’m suddenly anti-American, then it must be logical to assume any opposition to black lives matter (or any variation of said group for the purpose of fighting injustice against marginalized groups) means you are anti-black (or Hispanic, Asian, Muslim, poor, justice, etc) – right? 🤔🙄😒😏

America is a land of opportunity. It is also a land of oppression and severe injustice.

Deal with the reality of the land you live in. We do.

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