In the name of #hate. The #church and #LGBT condemnation.

This is long and might upset/bother some folk. If you don’t agree, do so on your own wall, please. I don’t engage in arguments over personal beliefs. I state my opinions as my own, they need no validation:

Until you #religious folk start #boycotting things like poverty, human trafficking, homelessness, unjust treatment of marginalized groups, bribery and corruption in the government and businesses, police brutality, hate – (especially in the name of the same God who told you NOT to hate), unnecessary wars, greed, abuse of power and the plethora of other horrendous acts that go on in this country every single day……MISS ME with your boycotts over my #transgender brothers and sisters being able to use bathrooms that coincide with their gender. Because it’s not about God, but prejudice and what y’all feel is “normal” and anything that doesn’t fall in line with this heterosexual, christian ideology of Amerikkka isn’t “normal”.

You church folk so worried about pedophiles….what about the history of sexual abuse of little girls by men of the church? You know that stuff the “black church” (can’t speak for other races) likes to sweep under the rug or blame the girl over cause “ she fast” but “men will be men” ( how warped is that thinking? The MAN gets a pass but the LITTLE GIRL is blamed…what WOULD Jesus say?). Ask me how many young girls I knew growing up who were messing around with deacons, youth pastors, reverends………ask me how many times any of those men were held accountable (by the church) for their actions? Guess which is the larger number? But I know, shut up T, we don’t talk about that. Disgusting.

You people make such a production of judging other people under the guise of your love for God while simultaneously showing your hate and disgust for your fellow man. Even if (and I’ve said this before) you don’t agree it doesn’t give you a free pass to bully, mock or ostracize those you don’t agree with in any way….NOR DOES IT GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO INFRINGE ON THEIR RIGHTS. NOR DOES IT GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO ASSERT YOURSELF AS GOD AND PASS JUDGMENT AND CONDEMNATION AS IF YOU YOURSELF HAVE RECEIVED THE CROWN OF LIFE AND HEARD THE WORDS, WELL DONE MY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT, FROM YHWH. You have not. Have a seat with the rest of us still striving.

Besides, even if you consider all #LGBT people your enemies, the Christ you claim to follow said “love your enemies” not spew your disgust.

How about we try this: Take that log of self righteousness out of your eye before you come to my community trying to chastise and condemn that which you do not know. It is not your place to condemn anything God has created,nor do you have the authority to do so. He that has sin has no power to condemn, only the sinless can do that. And not a human on earth can claim sinlessness, I don’t care how close to God you think you are or what new age ideology tells you different.

You can’t force people to your values or beliefs anymore than you can force God to follow your will over His own. Y’all kicking kids out of your home for being gay then going off to gossip and lie about them like it is acceptable behavior for followers of Christ. Y’all calling transgender people horrible names and treating them like outcasts, then falling on your knees talking about you love your brother as Christ commands. Y’all kicking out and shunning LGBT people from the church, telling us we can’t know God (like y’all own Him or something) but then swear we’re godless and we are running from the church. Y’all love to “look saved” with no regard for what’s really going on in the heart! No! No! No! I am exhausted with y’all shows of religion….exhausted. I will have no part in it.

There was a time when the church embraced me, called me anointed and on fire for God…meanwhile, I was jealous, vengeful, sleeping around outside of marriage, gossiping, slandering and just generally living according to the flesh…oh but I APPEARED SAVED….I knew how to “look” and “act” to get the approval of church folk; so even though my heart for God was zero, I was praised by man. Now, I genuinely love and serve God, study His Word regularly, and maintain an intimate relationship and prayer life with Him. I serve Him from a place of love but many church folk (even though they smile in my face) can’t get past my orientation to see my heart for God, which finally IS sincere. Thank YHWH He judges by the heart and not according to the ways of men. (GLORY!!!)

Check it:PEDOPHILES AND LGBT PEOPLE ARE NOT ONE IN THE SAME. True transgender people are NOT “dressing up” to go in bathrooms and molest kids, those are criminals AND…guess what…pedophiles and rapist have been doing this LONG BEFORE ANY BILL GOT PASSED (not to mention transgender people have been using the bathrooms that match their gender for eons and y’all ain’t even know it and they were NOT harming anyone). If a man dresses up as a woman with the intent on harming women or children, he could do so with or without a bill … It happened in 2013 (the story is circulating like its new but reading works y’all….it really does) and it had nothing to do with the lgbt community. STOP equating people who are LGBT as pedophiles it’s insulting, disgusting and only shows your ignorance. I thought like that once too, thank God He removed me from such foolishness.

So, PLEASE, for the love of the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob,Ishmael and King David (and me!)…..stop using God to spew your hate/prejudice. That’s all it is. If it were truly about God, y’all would boycott so much more; and homelessness, hunger and poverty wouldn’t be a thing because you would take a page from the church that Paul commended in the New Testament that pooled all its resources to care for one another and those in need (not just those they felt worthy).

Some of y’all got homeless and hungry people by your church you won’t even speak to or offer a hot meal…got family you see suffering and refuse to help, tho you could…but you want to talk about the abomination of lgbt people based on a book you haven’t even (or barely) studied….your pastor tells you what it says….as you sit with hate in your heart towards those different from you and celebrate the love God has for you and all the heterosexual saints (even though the bible you claim says if you have hate in your heart towards anyone yet you say you love God, you are a liar….). But I digress.

If you want to hate, hate but STOP doing it in the name of God, cause we are not fooled. They championed to keep slavery and segregation in the name of God too…..

P.S. Sodom and Gomorra(sp?) were NOT destroyed because they were gay and lesbian cities…y’all need to stop lying on the word of God and give truth. God gives the reasons for destroying the cities and He never mentioned them being gay (it was so freeing when God made me read it and I realized I’d been lied to all those years in the church, don’t believe me, read it for yourself). What He did mention was how greedy and selfish they were…how they failed to care for the needy in the city…..but I digress. Y’all are going to stop coming for us… pushed us out once, you won’t do it again. And you won’t come for the T in lgbt either, they are God’s children and while we may not all understand their journey or struggle, we can STILL show love, compassion and support towards our neighbors, cis or transgender. I’m done. I’m off my soapbox for the day. Good day.

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