They say the religious kids are selfish….before you start screaming blasphemy…listen.

This morning I read this article  which said children raised in Christian and Muslim households are less likely to be altruistic that their atheist and non-religious counterparts. I’ll admit, my initial reaction was one of defense – how dare these secular God hating individuals attack little Christian and Muslim kids this way. The religious people are the most selfless in the …..then I stopped mid-thought. I heard Spirit speak gently as always….


So I read the report…and of course there were a number of negative comments from those identifying as Christian or Muslim. However, as I stepped out of my feelings and gave the article some serious thought (based on my experiences growing up in a Christian Southern Baptist church) I had to be honest. Some of what they wrote is true…

I can’t speak for the Muslim religion…but as pissed off as some Christians get over this article…it’s raising some valid points. Christianity is filled with selfish adults! I mean REALLY SELFISH ADULTS. You have more “Christians” trying to show up their “haters” and cutting people off because the relationship doesn’t benefit them”. Let’s be real, if you can only befriend someone who benefits you – that’s selfishness! The Word tells us to associate with those who can help us and those who cannot, associating only with people whom you can benefit from is showing favoritism which is not in keeping with the Character of Christ (James 2:9).

Sadly, many in the church do not see the selfishness because churches aren’t teaching about selflessness and love as much anymore (it’s all about that “breakthrough” blessing, what God can do for me) …even the service to God is done out of selfish motives (I just don’t want to go to “hell” or I want to get my blessings). We have pastors and churches putting out fliers that look like concert advertisements promoting themselves over God, people attaching “sexy selfies” to posts that are supposed to be about word of God…. and let’s not get started on the whole “we are right and everyone else is ignorant and wrong and doesn’t have a clue in hell who God is” attitude…totally not humble like Jesus.

 Many of those opposed to expanding healthcare in American and immigration consider themselves “christian” in spite of the fact that these are exactly the kinds of selfless acts Christ encouraged His followers to do (help the poor, the immigrant and the sick). You have a number of Christians who use judgement to make themselves feel better about not helping certain groups of people and treating them with disdain…yet we say we’re unselfish…we say we walk in love. Maybe, just maybe…the article isn’t so far off… …what if this was a call for each of us to look at ourselves and our walks, our churches and our teaching to see if it lines up with the walk and character of Christ versus defending ourselves as perfect. But I digress.

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