A testimony for those afraid to step out on faith….

I want to share a testimony to encourage someone who is having a hard time stepping out on faith right now because you can’t see where God is taking you.

Last year I kept feeling a prompting in my spirit to leave my place of employment and move on to another opportunity. With this came a lot of fear because I wasn’t sure how this would pan out; I was leaving a large company with a bright future to be my own boss and take on clients one on one….I worried about the client list, if I’d make enough income, if I would be able to handle the work….if I was “good enough”…

I felt a bit of security working for a company so I hesitated for a long while…out of fear…out of lack of trust for God’s promises….and things got really tough before I finally took that step of faith God was prompting.
Fast forward to today….this past Friday over 400 people at that company woke up to learn they had no jobs and the company announced today they were “freezing services” citing very vague reasons. They didn’t even give the employees warning…in fact they were still taking new clients and promoting individuals through this month! Needless to say those who stayed were completely blindsided by this news and for many this was a sole source or primary source of income. One can only imagine the anguish and worry some of these individuals have right now.

After my initial shock and concern for the employees wore off, I realized how God’s prompting for me to leave last year was of utter importance. Can you imagine waking up to go to work and learning you have no job? Had I not stepped out on faith and I stayed there trusting in that company instead of my God I would have been in the number of those who were shocked. Instead, God has blessed me tremendously since I left that company and trusted Him. I can’t say enough how amazing the blessings have been….but I never would have received them had I not first TRUSTED HIM and STEPPED OUT ON FAITH.

If you are hesitating today because you’re not sure ….you’re worried…or you’re wondering if God really will be faithful…I’m here to encourage you to make that step and trust Him fully. He is definitely faithful and He sees far into the future what you cannot.

Please keep all those individuals who have lost their jobs in your prayers for new employment and that God be a provider and comfort as they search.

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