What you ultra conservative hetero christians won’t do is keep us from Christ!

What you heterosexual gay bashing “christians” WON’T DO  is stand up here and tell my LGBT brothers and sisters that they are not worthy to come to God and receive His love and grace just like your sinful heterosexual behind did. NO…YOU WON’T do that.

It is certainly the time where LGBT individuals will stand up and fight for their right to serve God and praise His name in spite of what YOU PEOPLE feel. Just like the divorced, fornicating, lying, cheating, drug addict, child abusing, wife beating, adulterous, greedy, stingy, selfish, worrying, lack of faith, murderer, pedophile, rapist, prostitute, pig flesh eating, two kinds of thread wearing, working on the sabbath and celebrating pagan holidays by dressing them up to be christian  – receive His grace  so can WE! oh how we love to forget we are ALL FILLED with sin to the brim. Half of y’all aint tried to witness to a person your ENTIRE LIFE but as soon as you come in contact with a gay person it’s OHHH YOU NEED TO KNOW JESUS YOU’RE AN ABOMINATION.  Y’all spew your condemnation like the KKK spews their racism. It’s no different. Your HATE is the same. Yes, you heterosexual hateful christians do not realize that you CANNOT speak on the KKK or Taliban or ISIS or any regime of terror until YOU stop terrorizing the GLBT community with your hate and turning them AWAY from God. HOW DARE YOU PEOPLE? HOW DARE YOU?!? Talk about picking and choosing bible verses to meet your standard. Ye shall be judged according to your judgements.

As a christian you should DRAW PEOPLE TO GOD. You can’t do that when you’re too prejudiced to get past someone’s orientation to actually minister to their heart.  We will NOT fall silently back into the church walls and hide ourselves in order to be accepted by YOU when we are also experiencing the love and truth of God in our lives. The church will never be what it should be until it unites ALL OF ITS MEMBERS IN UNITY – ONE CHURCH, ONE FAITH, ONE LORD. But we can’t be one faith because half the faith fighting the other half over who is in and who is out. For the record, the gays are ALWAYS out…except for the few you allow to sneak in to use our creativity, skills, time, energy, etc. – you’ll use us up then turn around and tell us we’re not worthy to be loved by God instead of teaching LGBT individuals who desire to know God and serve Him sincerely how to live in accordance with His will. IT IS POSSIBLE BUT THE CHURCH REFUSES TO DEAL WITH IT. (If you are a heterosexual pastor, youth pastor, church leader or whatever and you need help with that, please feel free to contact me I’m more than HAPPY to help you put together a ministry program for LGBT individuals that do NOT make us feel devalued, judged, condemned and hated).

You heteros just are SO uncomfortable with GLBT people that you don’t even know HOW to approach the LGBT community with respect and/or love. So you HATE and that’s VERY VERY SAD. Yes our community needs ministering – but we don’t need your gay bashing bigotry asserting yourself to feel like you’re better than spiritually simply because of who you lay with — REALLY?! AT LEAST HAVE THE COURTESY TO BASE YOUR RELIGIOUS BOASTING ON YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH CHRIST . That bible you thump at me clearly says boast NOT in yourself but in the Lord. Trust me when I tell you – you will be judged in accordance with your judgments.

I remember standing in front of the church at 18 lamenting about dropping out of college because a young gay man led the praise dance team. I remember the ENTIRE church standing up applauding my story of how I spewed regurgitated scripture at the young man and told him he was an abomination unworthy to be serving God and shouldn’t even be in his church more lest teaching praise dance for Him. THE ENTIRE CHURCH STOOD UP AND CLAPPED….and for a young impressionable girl that really stuck with me. The funny thing about it is I LIED ABOUT THE ENTIRE THING TO DROP OUT OF SCHOOL AND MAKE IT SEEM LIKE I HAD A VALID REASON. So I took the stance that the school was teaching the bible was a myth (many colleges teach this I’d heard it before I really was NOT offended) and that they had gay men serving in the church as praise team leads, praise dancers and all this and “I was taking a stand against the abomination!” ….chile please. What they didn’t know while they stood clapping for all the lies that I told was that I’d gone to that school, I’d been involved in fornication while there (never told them that and apparently no one was praying because Holy Spirit didn’t tell em either) and I was lonely, I hated the city, I didn’t have friends and I wanted to come home – period. Now as I look back it’s very sad, that was an entire church of people applauding me condemning someone when they didn’t even realize I was standing before them as the liar condemning a young man who at the time probably had a better relationship with God than I did – clearly, I stood up and lied right in His church but not a single person at the church raised an eyebrow or stopped to tell me hey, what you did wasn’t right that’s NOT how you minister to the LGBT community. It was so sad to see an entire church applauding hate and my self assertion. So it was no surprise when I finally came out and the church totally shunned and turned their backs on me. The standard you judge is how you will be judge. I judged that young man though I didn’t know anything about him except he was a gay man…..so in turn I was allowed to be judged the same way when I finally came out of the closet.  That experience allowed me to understand how it feels, how ugly it is, how damaging it is to someone’s heart and their relationship with God….God is not pleased when we point any of His children away from Him. That’s exactly what is being done.

In my heart of hearts I did NOT agree with what I was being taught, I did NOT agree when I had youth pastors who would gay bash EVERYWHERE and EVERYONE instead of working to understand how we could best minister to to ALL of God’s children without forcing them into following rules instead of following Christ. You religious lukewarm bible thumping out of context scripture quoting brood of vipers are REALLY doing damage to people’s hearts and views of God and you’re gonna have to answer for that. Heck, it was judgmental heterosexual “christians” who dogged me so hard when I came out that I ran so far away from God I embraced anything BUT Him. I thought SURELY, God doesn’t act like this and if His people do I’ll just go to hell. Yea…THAT’S how horrible the church people made a teenager feel when she came out and was scared and not understanding who she was. There was no compassion, there was no LOVE, there was no encouragement in the Lord to seek Him for understanding, only disdain, judgment, condemnation and even accusations of child molestation aint that some crap? You know who brought me back –  GOD- He separated me from the religious influences and said to me the most beautiful words….THEY TOLD YOU I COULDN’T USE YOU. THEY TOLD YOU WERE UNWORTHY. THEY TOLD YOU I DID NOT LOVE YOU….I NEVER SAID THAT….and from here we developed a relationship that has bloomed in love. I wish you would tell me I’m not worthy and my relationship with Him is not real. Arrogance at its worst.

 REMEMBER – JOB’S FRIENDS WERE ALSO VERY VERY SURE THEY KNEW EXACTLY HOW GOD FELT…only to be so far off that Job had to pray for them after it was all said and done because God was NOT pleased.

I don’t claim to speak for God or be an authority on these matters….I’m just speaking what I live and what I see.

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