…please GET OFF your religious high horse!

….Dear Christians….you can’t witness with hate, judgment or prejudice in your heart. You cannot witness while you sit on your horse and point at someone else’s perceived sin as if you yourselves are perfect – people see right through that. You cannot witness if you come under the guise of friendship only in the hopes of one day changing that person – that would be manipulation God calls us to come in honesty, He doesn’t use manipulation. How are you going to be a friend to that person if your #1 focus is their sexual orientation? Heterosexual christians who are fornicating are not subjected to the same treatment by the church – that shows partiality  which is against God’s word as well. This entire article is about setting your church up to keep GAYS OUT….. What would Jesus say about that?

The church is supposed to be welcoming the very kinds of people you’re closing your doors too …those people you THINK are unworthy of His love because of their sins…because of course you are sinless or your sin is not as big a deal as gay sex. To those who continue to use Sodom as your backstory…please stop. If you actually read the story God is VERY CLEAR on why they were destroyed and homosexuality was not listed. Eunuchs in the bible were often thought of as effeminate men but Christ said EVEN THE EUNUCHS who live by my ways. Instead of condemning and teaching that gays and lesbians are unacceptable to serve God because of their sin why not give them the same grace God gives you daily in the midst of your gluttony, in the midst of you riding down the street and moving to the other side instead of stopping to give that homeless man or woman some money for food, or going to give them food and clothes yourself.

I see men and women of God being given so much grace by God and the church as they continue in fornication, have their 2nd and 3rd child out of wedlock and/or on their 2nd husband or wife while the 1st one is still alive….yet all those people are worthy of the grace and love of God…as long as they are not gay. The church should ask themselves if Jesus were here – how would he interact? Don’t be so sure you know the answer….it was the religious majority of Jesus’ day who persecuted and condemned Him…they told Him He was wrong and His friends were all unworthy sinners… they claimed Jesus was demon possessed because He didn’t do things the way the religious right thought they should be done based on their LIMITED knowledge of God’s will. Those Christ chose were the broken, the outcast the lowly sinners that were beneath those “holy” people of the day. Remember, it was the religious majority who called for Christ’s execution because they were so sure of their knowledge and their truth. Had it been left to them half the people God used would not have been used…

God certainly would not have born Solomon, the wisest of them all to the union of an adulterous and murderous king …and yet He did. God certainly would not have told a prophet to marry a whore and stay with her in spite of her whoring to prove a point…and yet He did. God certainly wouldn’t allow a blameless man by God’s standards to lose everything including his family, fortune and health all to prove a point of loyalty to Him over satan – because God’s just too good for that and surely good behavior warrants God’s love and rewards…but yet He did. Rehab, the prostitute definitely would not have been used by your standards because well she was a whore, but God used her! That’s not to say that their behaviors were godly or to uphold the behaviors but it is to point out that it is not the perfect who know they are holier than thou who are the most able to be used (or most worthy)…..it’s always, ALWAYS the lowly sinner who recognizes their sin and the need for God’s grace and love who He can use and mold the most. Why not try TRUSTING GOD and welcoming people in with love instead of condemnation and bitter preaching of hellfire to try to force people into a relationship with God.

How about a little patience like God had with you? How about actually praying for people and treating them in love and allowing them to see the love of God through your life so much so that God can work through whatever sin they’re doing that YOU are so uncomfortable with in His time with His power according to His will? People are so hell bent on attacking and condemning gays that you’re not even seeking God on His truth….you’re not asking the hard questions about how you should love and minister to them…you’re just regurgitating the hate we’ve heard for YEARS. At the end of it all God is not going to ask you what YOU thought about gays and lesbians, He’s going to ask how did you love them? How did you witness to them? How did you help them? How did you show them I loved them…or did you make them feel less than and send them running away from Me? Yes you will be accountable for that so maybe, just maybe instead of being so judgemental and doing Christ’s job…how bout we all get back to working on ourselves, having some compassion for our brothers and sisters regardless of their sins because we know we have our own that are just as ugly, just as nasty, just as offensive to God and we really have no room to judge our brother.

We’re all here fighting the same fight and if that holy book you tote with pride and use to validate your judgment shows us anything at all it shows us that we all misguided in need of God’s grace and love and not a single person casting their polished stone is better than the one you cast the stone towards. The only difference is some hide their sin and cover themselves with false holiness while others are who they are….honest, open, struggling in God but trusting Him with everything and sincere in their love. And you know what — they don’t look like “regular” christians and they don’t think like “regular” christians but God is raising them up to shame the wise……and here you are…. waiting with open judgment to make them feel less than. How dare you tell an entire group of people they are unworthy instead of guiding toward truth and teaching how to live in Christ as the being you are. We don’t even understand all aspects of the universe, creation, our own bodies and brains….yet we are ALL experts on what God thinks based on partial knowledge. Yes, he knowledge is partial……we only know partial truths. How arrogant to think we know so much that we can condemn on behalf of God….isn’t that what Job’s friends did? they also meant well.

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