Following Christ ain’t always fun…..

ahhhhh….that moment when I want to do what I know I should not do because it would be unbecoming of the woman I am in Christ today….

…..sometimes following Jesus is hard. It’s not all bible reading and posting scripture on Facebook….. sometimes even the most devout wants to throw caution to the wind and say ____________________ I’ll do what I want, every one else does and they’re fine. You think we don’t sometimes think what’s the big deal if I do such and such when everyone else is doing it? But alas….that’s where faith, love and devotion kicks in and all that bible reading, scripture quoting and church going is tested for faithfulness.

It’s very easy to give in and do what you want to do because you can…really, in this day in age it’s not like God is smiting folks where they stand…serving Him is an ultimate act of free will that we make daily. It’s not an easy choice. It’s not always “feel good” choice. It’s not even the fun choice most of the time lol.  (I’m just being honest, you gotta be honest about this stuff man, people lied to me and told me it was all rainbows and unicorns and Jesus was like wayminute *pump the breaks* it’s not like that and I’m so sorry I was misrepresented)….

But……those moments when your faithfulness yields results they are always worth it, it reminds you how faithful God is and everything you thought you missed was worth it. Don’t give up the walk simply because it doesn’t always “feel good” to follow Him. If it always “felt good” then everybody would be doing it….successfully. Besides, God never lied to us about this walk with Him. His truth really is right there in His Words (HIS WORDS, NOTE “HIS”), it’s man that came along and started sharing this distorted genie happy joy joy I want to bless everybody with 40 acres a mule and a bentley sexy eyes “jesus god”…..not God. We really need to understand His promises for what they are…

… I’m just speaking from my own limited knowledge. Not claiming to be a prophet, preacher or any form of authority. Just sharing the testimony as I live it. Selah.

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