We need to protect our daughters. ..


This story is just so sad. This baby gave these guys respect for who they were as people. She didn’t judge them based on how they look or their affiliations and they betrayed her with cruelty.  We have to really help our baby girls understand the bad boys/gangsters/thugs/trap house “kings”/drug “kingpins” aren’t as “sexy” as the world makes them seen…mothers, big sisters, aunts….we as women have to stop glorifying the “bad boy” as if they’re so worthy of fantasy and emulation because our daughters are watching this and they are making the same mistakes. This baby really had no business hanging with these thugs. Then again she probably didn’t think they’d hurt her…or anybody for that matter. Her grandmother probably had no idea who the guys were behind the scenes.

Let your daughters know video thugs and real life thugs are two different things. The glamorized lifestyle they show of these women who hang out with the gang members and “hold them down” rarely shows the end result which is heartache due to death, prison or in some cases both. If she does manage to escape it won’t be without loss. It’s never without loss. Please teach our babies that danger is real. Our girls need to be vigilant and aware. Teach our babies they need to KNOW these guys before they are willing to go away with them, be alone with them, share details of their personal life, family life, schedule, finances, etc. Sometimes our babies can be too trusting not realizing the world doesn’t owe them life and the streets won’t care about their stories, hoe beautiful they are, how smart or sweet they are…..

I remember being young and thinking the gang bangers made me look tough but I recognize now just how dangerous it was to be running around these guys who were affiliated with gangs/drug trafficking…I remember this guy coming to my house at @ 12 yrs old…He was about 18-20. He thought I was 14…I thought I was at least 20 mentally. Of course my mom had no idea, I too hid or disguised things that I knew would not fly with my mom and this guy definitely not.

My sole purpose for even talking to the guy was that he seemed to be running the little group of dusty dudes he was running with. I invited him to visit one day when I got out of middle school early and he agreed to meet me and a homegirl shortly. This guy pulled up to my house was reppin his set hands out the window, blasting some extremely vulgar rap music that I had to convince him to turn down so we could talk (to which he replied “wha we tawkin foe?”), screaming my name like a whore on the track, guns & drugs right in the dash console, along with a full cup of syrup and he had the nerve to roll a blunt right there in my front yard…..chile i thought he was tough and “cool”. I thought about how I couldn’t wait to tell all my friends about how “gangsta” he was.

At the time my momma was dating a man name Mr. Griffin and THANK GOD FOR HIM. He snatched me up out that car so fast and told that dude he bet not EVA brang his @$!* down our STREET or he was gone kill him and he encouraged him to try him cause he’d show him a real gangsta. I was banished to my room for an indefinite amount of time where I was not allowed to hang out with unapproved friends and the only time I was alone was if I had to use the bathroom. Needless to say I never saw that dude again praise God. We need to be that kinda vigilant with our kids. I don’t care about my daughter feeling like her privacy is violated if it saves her from being violated physically or worse.

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