Christians are to put themselves last…are we?

Philippians 2:21 (top) & Philippians 2:3-4 (bottom). Imagine if pastors spent more time preaching on this instead of preaching how God wants to make everyone rich with a benz. If only we believer would seek God to strengthen us in this area (selflessness and service towards others) could you imagine the impact our faith would/could have on this world? Sadly even in self professed christian circles there’s a HUGE epidemic of selfishness and conditional love. We care as long as we don’t feel slighted, as long as we feel our actions are reciprocated…but the moment we feel like we’re not getting for self (whatever it is we desire) we (I’m speaking on Christians here only) are very quick to turn from love to indifference or hate.
We are called to love without thought of how someone will reciprocate because even those who don’t follow Christ are good to those who they feel are good to them. The true test of our character in Christ is continuing to act and react in love when people treat you less than you feel you deserve. Not because you are a punching bag or someone to run over but because you are a child of God saved by grace who is constantly relying on the mercy of God- therfore you give the grace you are given and you love as God does, without demand, without expectation.
We so often desire the good things of Christ and question why certain prayers are not being answered in our lives…look at your love walk. If you truly trust God with your heart and relationships. ..if you are truly out here loving people from the heart of Christ …it won’t be about how people love you or what they do for you to prove this love…but how you can be a vessel to show the same love and grace that God extends to you daily.
It never ceases to amaze me when christians act as though love and forgiveness are options even though God’s Word tells us it is a requirement for our OWN forgiveness…you can’t be sitting around with grudges, hate, bitterness and anger in your heart that you refuse to deal with and heal from and at the same time wonder why things are not moving according to His promises for your life. Your blessing is directly connected to your love walk.

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