I can’t deal with spoiled adults….

When my child attempts to throw a tantrum…I ignore it and walk away….and he’s only two. So expect that I will ABSOLUTELY ignore and walk away from adults who throw tantrums for attention. We are grown. Stop allowing feelings to dictate your actions — my 2 year old does better job of controlling his emotions than some of you adults.
Oh…yes, I can hear the usual complaints I always get when I tell people to toughen up – I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOO insensitive. I can dig it, I’m tough as heck and I know it ‪#‎Texantough‬. I don’t expect everyone to be like me because everyone hasn’t been through what I have to make me so “tough”. Please understand I’m NOT insensitive – I’m actually quite the opposite… I feel terrible after I kill bug and I cry at the end of disney movies…hell I’ll cry at the end of a sitcom if it’s mushy enough…LOL.
When it comes to people my sensitivity is reserved for those who seriously need it…i.e. those going through major life and/or spiritual crisis/issues. No, I’m not that sensitive to grown people who are blessed beyond measure (but can’t see it for all their complaints) and simply throw tantrums because they’re not getting what they want (though they have more than they need). You are grumbling and creating your own misery. Do you not realize there are people out here SUFFERING…like REALLY SUFFERING…I REALLY don’t have the patience for spoiled over-emotional adults. Sorry, NOT sorry – but I just don’t. Find some gratitude toward the Lord ….and heck if you’re not a believer at least find gratitude for those around you and yourself.
I don’t and WON’T coddle attention seekers, complainers and ungrateful attitudes. If you want to dwell in a pity party of misery, I shall decline the invitation to your affair. If that makes me an insensitive… then you should probably stay away from me if you’re one of those people cause I will NOT enable you.

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