Obedience = Blessing. Trust God’s Promises through Obedience.

Belief in God’s promises are important – we must have faith and we know this. OBEDIENCE to God’s commands are just as important. The evidence of faith is obedience. As I sit in worship this morning, God brought to mind a point in my past……He made promises, not just to me but to several…but they were NOT without condition. Obedience was required. This morning He led me down a path of understanding how my obedience (even in times where I felt like I looked dumb and was being run over because of my faith) has grown my faith in Him. I trust Him more and I am learning to hesitate less and less when I receive direction from Him….even when I (or ALL my framily lol smh lol again, I love them) think what I’m being led to do is absolutely insane LOL.

I have seen the Word spoken and people turn away refusing to believe. I’ve seen the end result of that. I heard the word and turned away once….then I turned back and accepted it – choosing to believe. Now I love and live with peace. I pray the same for all. Trust the Lord, Believe His Promises, Be Obedient to His Commands. He is faithful in His promises to you – but you must first be faithful in your love to Him. Selah.

John 14:15, John 14:23-24, John 14:31

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