When the Church Goes Secular…..

These days….I can’t tell if these ministries/church leaders are promoting God or themselves. These fliers look like club flyers…. The churches are imitating the world…people collecting and handing out titles of Bishop, Pastor, Prophet, Evangelist, etc. as if they’re secular jobs, in accordance with THEIR will – NOT GODS’. These churches pulling secular themes/phrases to draw people in, meanwhile there’s nothing within the church to transform/fill/restore them because it‘s not about God, but the promotion of self! To the leaders in these churches/ministries, should we not pattern our outreach after Christ? Should we not follow the example given by the Christ’s servant Paul in 1 Corinthians 2:1 – 5? This is one reason why so many are in church for 50 years still broken — you can’t be fixed by what’s broken! We are not called to imitate the world AT ALL. I can’t imagine Jesus or any one of the apostles posting a ministry flier with their faces plastered all over them!!!! REALLY?!?!? I can’t see Jesus taking a selfie that’s “seductive” and posting it on Facebook with the scripture or word of the day….or worse yet – a prayer. STOP!!!

WHO! WHO! WHO!!!! Are we serving here? WHO are we promoting? Self or Christ? If Christ, why is there so much FLESH in the things that are supposed to be of Spirit? I’m NOT talking about MEN being perfect….we know that’s not the case. But I’m referring to the leaders who claim these titles and birth these ministries…and should know better. The stunts and shows are real – y’all better start paying attention to the fruit of these ministers and ministries that people so willingly and blindly follow. We have to do better……this is not a rant. It’s the truth. I am NOT at all perfect, but fear and respect the Lord God YHWH and the things we’ve done to His church in His name….Father have mercy is all I can pray. I too am guilty of this because I at one time participated in such acts. Not anymore.
NOTE: If you’re upset by this post – take it up with God, not me I will not respond or engage in your defenses nor defend what God has laid on my heart. Let your heart be yours and mine be mine. Selah.

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