Do you trust God….to death?

…. in the bible, none of the willing servants of God went to their deaths unexpectedly or “suddenly”. There was no “wrong place, wrong time”, there was no “why Lord, why?” from those left behind because God prepared them even for death — and they in turn prepared their families/flocks. From the Patriarchs, to the Prophets, to the Apostles….each man of God was aware when his time was near and they were at peace in this. This brings a greater understanding of His love and faithfulness as YHWH. He will see us through all things…even into death. It also shines a beautiful light on the kinds of relationships we can have with YHWH….to be so content, so connected, so IN TRUST with Him that NOTHING, NOT EVEN DEATH, can shake you or cause you to fear. To walk in total trust and surrender with the Lord that I might have peace even into death….. this is my desire. Selah.
“Yeshua declared publicly, “Those who put their trust in Me are trusting not merely in Me, but in the One who sent Me. Also those who see Me see the One who sent Me. I have come as a light into the world, so that everyone who trusts in Me might not remain in the dark. If anyone hears what I am saying and does not observe it, I don’t judge him; for I did not come to judge the world, but to save the world. Those who reject Me and don’t accept what I say have a judge — the word which I have spoken will judge them on the Last Day. For I have not spoken on my own initiative, but the Father who sent Me has given Me a command, namely, what to say and how to say it. And I know that His command is eternal life. So what I say is simply what the Father has told Me to say.” John 12: 44-50 (CJB)

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