The Haters….

If you have to use criticism and judgement to make small talk, just don’t talk. It’s so irritating to hear people doing nothing, talking crap about someone who is trying to do SOMETHING. Stuck in them same old mindsets, like crabs in a darn bucket. UGH! I can’t stand that old stuck in the mud, i’m so hood, thug life, ignorant, know it all who knows nothing but refuses to learn, 5 generations of drugs, welfare, & prison mentality – yet you judging someone for wanting something better – judging someone for not wanting the life you don’t want yourself?!? Insanity!
Don’t be mad at those who chose to get out. Be mad at yourself for believing you couldn’t. Then, recognize that you can and get up and do better. Smdh, people wanting you to apologize for NOT falling victim to the system. I will NOT apologize for surviving or thriving – NO ONE SHOULD

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