Prosperity Preachers Abound in the New Year…..don’t be deceived.

Please do not take this the wrong way….but if I see one more “prophet”, “prophetess”, “bishop”, “elder”, “evangelist”, or any other title…sharing these false messages of prosperity, peace, and God gone take you to the next level in 2015 by blessing you with a bunch of material bullcrap that has NOTHING to do with service to God I’m going to SCREAM! seriously….pastors, preachers, teachers… what point did our walk with Christ become about God giving us a bunch of STUFF (money, cars, clothes, houses) so we can “stunt on our haters” (please, please tell me what bible encourages believers of Christ to boast in material things and make others jealous)?

Seriously,  church leaders MUST do better. We have pastors/teachers promising false blessings of prosperity and peace to anyone who will listen! God works within the laws of sowing and reaping, and some of these showtime evangelist are making promises on behalf of God to people whom God is calling to repentance,  to spiritual maturity,  to growth in Christ…and as a result some are going to endure difficult seasons of hardship and testing as God grooms, polishes, and matures them in Him….falsely promising some supernatural financial blessing when God is speaking of SPIRITUAL blessing is harmful to the spirit – it can zap hope and trust in God and His True Promises.

The reality is this. God is looking to bless us all indeed, but it starts with the heart. We MUST get out of this luke-warm christianity where we do whatever we want and live for ourselves…yet we still claim to be sold out for God. We seek Him for OUR WILL for our lives and not His will – and we’re addicted to prosperity preaching and love without conviction.  We think it’s cute and claim it’s justified because we’re human…not even realizing we are denying the very power of Christ and His Salvation when we do this!  Then we wonder why year after year…decade after decade we see no change in our lives….no transformation…because we’re NOT seeking God for transformation of the heart – rather, instant gratification of the flesh and our earthly desires. That’s not at all what salvation is about.

Where are the teachers, preachers, evangelist, prophets, and bishops that are speaking the truth of what God desires to do in the HEARTS of His children? How God wants to transform His church from just a set of religious traditions run by people whose hearts are far from Him, to the life changing, soul shaking, personality changing, service inspiring relationship with Him built on love and total trust over fear, guilt, and shame.

So many claim Christ but have no freedom because we’re not teaching the Children of God to be free in Christ….and/or to be sold out for Him and HIS PURPOSE for our lives. We need to stop telling soldiers for Christ that God’s glory is in our dreams and our riches and our glory – READ the bible and pay attention to the callings on the lives of those in Christ. Those in the old testament. Yes – God will and does bless us with physical things of comfort that we can enjoy in the earthy realm – but it is typically after much sacrifice and dedication to HIM. We’ve got it all backwards…we’re waiting for God to bless us with a new this or that but we’re giving Him the same old heart, attitudes, and behaviors we’ve been making excuses for every year. It just doesn’t work like that.

God is MORE concerned about your heart than your bank account. And that is not to say He does NOT and will NOT bless us financially and with nice things – BUT THAT IS TO SAY, that should NOT be the basis and premise of our salvation – and that should NOT be the focus of our relationship with Christ.

If you want a message for 2015 about what God wants to do – OPEN YOUR HEART that He might work on that first and bless you with spiritual riches (peace, joy, strength, understanding, discernment, etc.) that are worth more than money or things. As you grow in Christ, you will prosper in all areas of your life and it will spill over into your finances, in time. But FIRST….seek Ye FIRST the Kingdom of God and let Him ad all those things to you with a pure heart so that once He blesses you, you can use the blessing in accordance with your faith to do what God has called you. Matthew 6:33


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