Freedom from Emotions…..

So clearly, the devil wanna get a rise outta me this morning with silly little antics that used to set me off and ruin my entire day —— And yet, I SMILE! The Lord has been working with me not being led by my emotions and it has not been an easy thing but I can see the growth Praise God! I am now starting to recognize the tools and techniques the enemy uses to suck and zap our joy, strength, peace, and trust in Christ. And what’s really amazing is that A LOT of the sin/misery in our lives that we blame on the devil is not really his doing – he tempts us, makes suggestions, presents us with the opposite of what God has for us and then it is our OWN FREE WILL that allows it to move from temptation to sin. (James 1:14-24)

We all have a choice in our reactions to everything in life – negative or positive – and in that reaction we must understand that we also create our own reality. Negative or Positive. Your reaction affects your reality – if you react negatively, you will continue in that. If you change your focus and react positively, you will continue in that.

So many of us are unhappy and easily shaken by the natural hiccups of life. It’s almost as if we’re surprised every time things don’t go our way or things come to upset us….and that leads me to ask, how long have we been here? Why are we so surprised by life or the truth that it’s not all roses and butterflies?  It amazes me that humans can overcome so much in life and still have no freedom and joy due to our inability to control our emotions/reactions vs. them controlling us.

… My joy and peace are in the Lord, Who is stable and faithful no matter what. Once we learn not to be led by our emotions (or the emotions of other people – because many of us are), we’re one step closer to overcoming the world through Christ.

As someone who has been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, I continue to thank God daily for His help in healing and growing me. I’m not saying I’m 100% perfect here – I still have manic episodes at times, but they are not long and no longer cause me to act out irrationally as they have in my past (for the most part, they now just make me really hyper and really silly – so I use that time to get a lot more done and laugh more). Depressive episodes are rare, but when they come they don’t last long as I have found praise, worship, prayer and studying God’s Word helps combat the irritations of the disorder. Keeping a constant connection throughout the day with my Father in prayer also keeps me in peace and joy in Him. Therefore, I know if He did it for me and I have peace in the midst of a serious mental disorder (and I have been functioning without medicine for about five years now) He will surely do it for you if you ask Him.

I’d also recommend reading Managing Your Emotions by Joyce Meyer (not affiliated with the ministry so not trying to get any type of payment – you buy it, you buy it, if you don’t – you just don’t – but those who DO it will bless you). I recently finished this book and I thank God for leading Joyce Meyer to write such a mind-transforming truth for His children.

Your reality is what you perceive it to be based on the way you go through life. If you have faith in only the negative things – you will see the negative. If you have faith that Our Father God is faithful and trustworthy, Christ – His Son is King and through His sacrifice and resurrection we have been promised an abundant life [in Christ]- you will see AND EXPERIENCE that!

You are what you believe….I am one with I AM because I believe He is.


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