We need to learn to SHUT UP!

Too many of us run to human ears with our mouths when we should be running to God with our hearts.
We need to learn to be quiet.

We (humans) have a bad habit of talking about our problems and making things worse then they are. When in the middle of hardship we’ll go to and fro discussing our situations/circumstances/worries,etc. with anyone who will listen instead of standing in trust.

When we rehash our problems constantly & continuously,  we give those issues/circumstances power over us. They consume us – take our mind of Christ – take away our peace – and cause us even more stress. There is a major difference between speaking an issue with someone so they might pray with & for you, encourage you and stand in faith for God to deliver you vs. speaking an issue just so you can get your feelings out, vent your frustration/anger, or even just have something to say. Some of us don’t actually want a change in the situation at all – we just like the attention the drama brings, though we’ll don’t admit this.

You can tell when a person simply wants prayer and encouragement in the Lord because that person will often be direct in their request. They’ll also be more concerned with understanding WHAT GOD DESIRES TO TEACH THEM in this situation and also how He desires them to respond. They won’t continuously rehash the topic with every person they meet, nor will it be the primary topic of conversation when they speak with you. Finally, they’ll more than likely stand in silence (in regards to that topic) until they see the deliverance of the Lord.

The person seeking God in the midst of their hardship will find Wisdom and grow in the Lord, maturing in their emotions.

We can counter our faith with negative words, thoughts, complaints and attitudes (Exodus 16:8; Numbers 11:1; Psalm 106:25; 1 Corinth. 10:10; Philip.2:14-16, James 4:1-3)  or we can work with our faith and prayers by speaking life (Psalm 13:5, 37:5, 40:4, 56:3-5; Isaiah 26:3-4, 40:31; Philip 4:6-7)  – If you can’t speak life, STAY SILENT until you are able to get in agreement with God and speak life (Exodus 14:14; Lamentations 3:25-26; Psalm 25:3, 27:13-14, 37:7, 130:5; Hosea 12:6; Isaiah 30:18, 64:4).

I used to be a person who always had to have a problem. If there wasn’t a problem – I’d MAKE something into a problem just for the attention, just for the drama of it. As God began to deliver me from this need for attention and this addiction to drama (because yes, some of us are addicted to the dramatics) I started recognizing just how damaging this mindset was to my faith. My “problems” came out in my attitude and it STUNK. I frustrated people and burdened them with my life –  draining them of their peace, their joy, their wisdom, time and anything else I could get from them. Eventually, it came to a place where I found myself alone – not because people didn’t care or didn’t love me but because it was just too draining for anyone to deal with me. As I accepted this (without resentment towards people) I realized it’s very unfair (and extremely selfish) to expect people to drop everything to constantly cater to your varying emotions on a whim – but CHRIST is always willing and ready to listen, comfort, encourage, support and even correct (so you can overcome) when necessary.

Since turning my life over to God and trusting Him with my problems I’ve found freedom in not needing to grasp for attention from the world. I’m not saying that I don’t have moments where I feel overwhelmed and I enjoy having godly support from fellow brothers and sisters in Christ – but I now understand that the ultimate source of comfort, wisdom, help and anything else I need is CHRIST and HE should be my first and MAIN source of comfort. Not man. (Psalm 9:9, 55:22; 1 Pet. 5:6-7; John 14:16-18,26-27)

It’s to Him I run and on days where I feel like just want to scream and complain – I SHUT UP, I RUN TO THE LORD & I SHUT OUT THE WORLD…..that He might restore, replenish and satisfy my needs without distraction or additional burdens from others [those who pour into others spiritually through ministry need to understand the importance of protecting your own spirit from being overburdened and drained, you also need to pull away as Christ did often, to spend time with Our Father and allow Him to strengthen you-  especially when you are in the midst of hardship yourself – but that’s another topic for another day].

We all grow weary, even the strongest in their faith have their moments – that doesn’t mean the aren’t strong in their faith or they are somehow not “as saved as you thought” it means they are HUMAN. The mark of a believer steadfast in Christ is how they handle those moments.do they run in fear to every human ear they can find, or do they run in faith to God trusting Him to work

Those who run in faith to God will see the deliverance of the Lord. (Psalm 116:1-2)
Which are you? 

Psalm 46:10 “Be Still, and know that I AM GOD.


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