When God Shows You Who He Is…BELIEVE HIM.

When God shows you who He is, believe Him!  King Nebuchadnezzar didn’t…. and he was called out for it. 
In Daniel 3 we see King Nebuchadnezzar send Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego into the fiery pit because they refused to bow down to him. They even told the king that God could save them from the fire, but even IF HE DIDN’T – they still would not bow down and worship the king because he was not God (Daniel 3:13-23). 
The king had them thrown into the fire but God showed up and indeed saved them just as they believed. At the end of it all, the men were promoted and King Nebuchadnezzar gave praise and glory to God most High (Daniel 3:24-30)….but he still didn’t submit to God. 
By Daniel 4 we encounter the king having a dream, which none can interpret but Daniel. Daniel courageously explains to the king that the dream is in reference to him being driven out to live in the wilderness like an animal, since he refuses to acknowledge God as the Most High (Daniel 4:24-25). The problem with King Nebuchadnezzar was pride and selfishness – he continued oppressing people, serving his false gods, and taking credit for everything he had (idolizing self) he had in spite of recognizing God’s Power (Daniel 4:8, 27,30, 32). 
As a result, God did exactly what He warned (God always warns before He judges) and He sent king Nebuchadnezzar out in the wilderness to live as one of the animals until he would acknowledge that God is the most High God and everything He had was because of the grace of the Most High (Daniel 4:33). As soon as the king did this, He was restored  – not only to his former state – but to GREATER (Daniel 4:34-36)! 
Many people feel that God pursues them so they can have a miserable boring life, but there are numerous times in the bible where God shows His calling and His path worthy, He doesn’t only glorify Himself when we walk faithfully with Him in obedience and trust – He glorifies and blesses the believer as well! Just look at the many people in the midst of this story who were glorified by God because of their faith – Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were promoted after their trial, Daniel was as well, the King was given greater than he had before God……
God doesn’t just burst in a door and expect you to believe in Him, He understands the human mind and our natural doubts, curiosities – and this is why He does things to show Himself to us that we might see and we might believe….yet so many of us SEE GOD and we recognize it’s Him yet STILL refuse to turn away from the false idols in our lives – be they false religions, destructive addictions, bitterness and anger in our hearts, unforgiveness, pain, even the burden of controlling everything and trusting in our own strength and might…..
I’m compel you…I beg you….I stress with all the love I can….LET GO and trust GOD. If He has shown Himself to you time and time again – don’t delay in acknowledging Him as the Most High and submitting your life to Him – His grace is a gift that is not meant to be ignored. 

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